Elle Macpherson’s Fave Highlighter Is the One *Everyone* Wants Right Now

Photo: Elle Macpherson/Well+Good Creative

You know those skin-care and beauty products that you use until the very last drop? The ones that you’ve spent entire brunches/text threads/email chains, telling your friends about? They’re the best of the best…so amazing that you’d never risk putting them in a piece of checked luggage. At Well+Good, we call those our Beauty VIPs (you know, Very Important Products). In this series, we ask women in wellness and the public eye what beauty products they use every single day and why—with an entire Internet of options to choose from—these items stand out.

Supermodel, wellness entrepreneur, and designer are just a few of the (many) hats Elle Macpherson wears. The "Australian Girl Next Door" has graced some of the most prominent runways and magazine covers in the world. And while it's a little intimidating to think about the beauty routine of a supermodel like Macpherson, she's all about ease to fit her wellness-focused lifestyle.

"I'm a big believer that beauty starts from within. I find my complexion is a great health barometer and can show how I’m feeling inside," she tells me. "Because I don't wear makeup, really clear skin is important to me." Macpherson, who co-founded the wellness brand WellCo, has found a cult-following for the brand's star product The Super Elixir, which is jam-packed with vitamins and good-for-you ingredients. As for what she slathers on her skin day and night? Here, the products that help accentuate her inner-glow.

Keep reading for Elle Macpherson's favorite beauty products.

Elle Macpherson's Beauty VIPs
Photo: Dr. Sebagh

Dr. Sebagh Rose de Vie Serum, $200

"This serum is very rich and nourishing. It is my go-to when in flight," she tells me. "I fly often and it keeps my skin hydrated at high altitude. It's packed with natural rosehip oil and leaves a very fine film over the skin. I love it."

Elle Macpherson Beauty VIPs
Photo: WelleCo

WelleCo Organic Rose Geranium Creme, $45

"Every morning I hydrate my face, neck, and décolletage generously with our super-rich hydrating crème that is formulated with whipped Australian organic olive oil, avocado oil and hydrating cocoa butter," Macpherson says. "We added sweet almond oil, rose geranium essential oil and antioxidant rich pomegranate extract. It gives a great glow and because it's quickly absorbed, it's a great base for makeup."

Elle Macpherson's Beauty VIPs
Photo: RMS Beauty

RMS Beauty Lip2Cheek, $36

"I love RMS Beauty products that are coconut-oil-based and sit smoothly on my skin. Like WelleCo, RMS is dedicated to formulating their products using only raw, organic ingredients in their natural state," she says. " I use my fingertips to apply to my lips and cheeks. It is super-pigmented so a little goes a long way. It creates a very soft, natural look which is always my aim."

Elle Macpherson's Beauty VIPs
Photo: Pat McGrath

Pat McGrath Nude Shiny Stick Highlighter + Balm Duo, $72 (for kit) 

"I use it instead of makeup. The reflected light helps to define the face, brow, and lips. I don’t spend too much time on makeup," she tells me. "I do ‘no-makeup makeup’ so I prefer to keep it very natural."

Elle Macpherson Beauty VIPs
Photo: Vetiver

Guerlain Vétiver, $99 

"The finishing touch is always a spritz of my signature scent, Vétiver by Guerlain. It’s a beautiful French men’s scent I've been wearing for 30 years. It's complex but subtle, scent of citrus fruits with bergamot, tonka bean and vetiver, and spices like nutmeg and pepper. It’s very elegant and always makes me feel properly dressed."

Elle Macpherson has a few go-to self-care tips for more energy, and her favorite dessert is healthy, yet decadent. 

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