Emma Chamberlain’s Refreshing Matcha Lemonade Recipe Is 3 Steps and the Perfect Summer Drink

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When it comes to hot days, you want something refreshing to sip on. And refreshing is exactly what you get by combining matcha and good ol' lemonade. So much so that YouTube influencer Emma Chamberlain (with her brand Chamberlain Coffee) and monk fruit-based beverage brand Swoon joined forces to kick off summer with exactly that. Ceremonial grade matcha mixes with lemonade sweetened with monk fruit (not regular-schmegular sugar).

"The best part of [the matcha lemonade] is how refreshing it is, while still having that, often necessary, boost of caffeine," Chamberlain told Well+Good. "Plus it’s sweet from the lemonade with an earthiness from the matcha—a perfectly well-rounded drink!"

You can buy the Swoon Matcha Lemonade online (via ChamberlainCoffee.com or Amazon), or you can make your own version—with Emma's exclusive recipe, below.

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Emma Chamberlain's Matcha Lemonade Recipe


1 cup Swoon Simple Syrup (made from monk fruit) [substitute: 1 cup regular simple syrup if unavailable]

2 Tbsp Chamberlain Matcha

The juice of 4 lemons (roughly 3/4 cup)

3.5 cups water

1. In a pot, boil 1 cup of water before adding Swoon Simple Syrup and mixing to combine.

2. Remove from heat and add the matcha, whisking until everything is dissolved.

3. In a pitcher, add your lemon juice and pour 2.5 cups of fresh water before slowly stirring in the sweetened matcha.

Before serving, taste for sweetness preference and add either more Swoon Syrup or more water.

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