Why Emma Roberts Can’t Stop Singing the Praises of This Eco-Friendly Spray Cleaner

Nick Walker/Grove Collaborative
There’s no holiday killjoy quite like the realization that it’s time to clean up once loved ones have headed on their merry ways home. And rummaging through a jumble of spray cleaners in “that terrible place that is the cabinet beneath the sink” just rubs salt into the spill-sized wound, according to Holidate actor Emma Roberts. This year, she’s swapped out a few of those plastic bottles for the Grove Collaborative multi-purpose cleaner concentrate and reusable glass spray bottle, citing both their versatile efficacy and planet-friendliness as reasons why.

While a spray cleaner may not seem like anything to get jazzed about, Roberts virtually lights up when she talks about this one—mostly because it easily crosses off one item from her already long mental to-do list. Not only is she a new mom (her baby boy Rhodes Robert Hedlund will celebrate his first birthday on December 27), but she's also been busy filming new projects across the country. Add to that the regular emotional stress that often accompanies the holiday season, and it makes sense that she’s been in search of really anything that can simplify and streamline her life.

"I love that I won’t have to worry about spraying anything that could be potentially unsafe for [my baby] to breathe." —Emma Roberts

“I can literally just spray everything down with this cleaner and be totally sure that it’s free of any harsh chemicals,” says Roberts, whom I spoke with in relation to her recent partnership with Grove Collaborative. “For me, this is particularly great,” she says, “because not only am I a mom now, but also, there are so many little kids in my life, so when we’re all together for the holidays this year, I love that I won’t have to worry about spraying anything that could be potentially unsafe for them to breathe.”

Because the cleaner is sold as a concentrate in packs of two small 1-ounce bottles, it’s low on (plastic-free) packaging, too; you simply add tap water to the reusable and dishwasher-safe glass spray bottle, pour in the contents of one concentrate packet, and shake to mix.

The formula itself is made with 92-percent plant-derived ingredients (and is free of bleach and ammonia), but is still capable of powering through those sticky drink-glass rings, oily or greasy spills, and other classic holiday messes. And you can feel safe using it on any non-porous surface, like sealed granite, quartz, ceramic, concrete, or stainless-steel—but if you’re planning to spritz it on brass or unfinished wood, it’s smart to test it first in an inconspicuous spot, just to be sure it doesn’t cause any discoloration.

As for the scent? You can choose an entirely scent-less option (Free & Clear), or go for one of the three classic options (Orange & Rosemary; Lavender & Thyme; and Apple & Pear Blossom), all of which are 100-percent naturally derived from ingredients like citrus peels, plant extracts, and essential oils. Roberts is also a big fan of the special-edition holiday fragrance, Balsam Fir, which is made of a blend of natural fir, pine, and other plant oils (and is exclusively available at Target): “When you’re done cleaning up, the house will just smell like the holidays in the best way possible,” she says.

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