Australia’s Number 1 Skin-Care Brand Has Landed in the U.S.—These Are the Top Products To Try

Photo: Endota
Here at Well+Good, slathering and spraying and applying all kinds of skin-care and beauty products is just another day on the job. We want to share what's worthy of your attention and what's worth your money. Which brings us to why we're here today: Your "to try" list is about to get a whole lot longer, because the number-one skin-care brand in Australia, Endota, is now available stateside.

Endota originated as a spa, located on Victoria's Mornington Peninsula (south of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia), where founder Melanie Gleeson hoped to create an accessible space for people to connect with themselves and treat wellness as a priority—not a luxury. Then in 2000, Gleeson spun the beloved spa into a full-on skin-care line. The products are made with thoughtful, high-quality ingredients that are COSMOS natural certified.

Now that the brand will reach even more people, we sampled their best-selling products to tell you what to try. Spoiler alert: Everything is heavenly.

endota moisturizer
Endota Organics Deep Hydration Moisturizer — $44.00

The star ingredients that make this moisturizer so rich and soothing is creamy avocado (which hydrates and can help with inflammation), amla berry (a fruit high in vitamin C which brightens skin as well as potentially protects it from UV rays and free radicals with its antioxidant properties, and rosehip oil (this helps balance and restore skin).

It has a thick, decadent consistency. I applied at night (Endota also has a Deep Hydration Night Cream) and woke up in the morning to smoother, softer skin. This will definitely be my fall and winter go-to in order to combat dry and harsh weather.

endota cleansing milk
Moisture Restore Cleansing Milk — $36.00

We asked Gleeson which products she’d recommend to start with and she said to try the Moisture Restore Cleansing Milk. “Use daily morning and night, massage over the face and neck, remove with warm water. This gentle milk cleanser removes impurities from the skin, protecting and hydrating at the same time,” she says.

This gentle cleanser is ideal for dry skin that could use some added moisture, as this leaves the face clean, but not totally stripped of its natural oils. It features calendula (this helps soothe skin), cocoa butter (a moisturizer which also helps protect the skin’s barrier), and lilly pilly (a berry native to Australia which is said to rejuvenate cells and stimulate collagen).

vitamin treatment oil
Endota Vitamin Treatment Oil — $33.00

Looking to really up your hydration game? Endota’s Vitamin Treatment Oil will give you that “post facial glow,” Gleeson says. Apply three to four drops “daily at night, prior to moisturizer. [It contains] a combination of natural hydrating oils to rebalance and replenish the skin.” I also tried this oil, and was impressed with how easily it absorbs, making my skin feel dewy and quenched.

The oil blends argan (which can help rebalance skin and fight blemishes), avocado (this is a mega hydrator and can aid in reducing inflammation), and rosehip (which contains antioxidants that may help restore and regenerate skin).

Endota features a wide range of skin-care products, such as masks and exfoliants, sunscreens, body lotions, and a lot more. The brand even offers a line of mother and baby goods, such as their Moisture Belly Butter, Nourishing Nipple Balm, and Gentle Baby Lotion, all made with nourishing ingredients for both parent and baby.

We're personally big fans, and are excited to see Endota spread the goodness around.

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