Midweek Is the Least Popular Time To Have Sex—Here Are 3 Ways To Spice Things Up

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Sexual preferences—including when, how, and with whom to have it (or not!)—are highly individualized. One preference you might not even realize you have, though? A favorite day of the week to have sex. A new report from pleasure-product platform Adam & Eve found that the least popular days of the week to have sex are Wednesday and Thursday. With this in mind, it seems many folks may benefit from tips for enhancing midweek pleasure to, you know, make the most of "hump days."

Though the report didn’t shed light on why those days were the least popular to engage in sex, Adam & Eve resident sexologist Jenni Skyler, PhD, posits it could be due to work stress and other responsibilities for folks who work Monday through Friday. And sometimes, you might just be plainly too tired to have sex.

“'Spicing up' the week does not require sex or even sexual contact.” —sexologist Jenni Skyler, PhD

Regardless of the day of the week, though, prioritizing intimate connection (which doesn't need to include penetrative intercourse) is important, says Dr. Skyler. “We don’t want to be strangers all week long and then expect that we can just seamlessly fall into each other’s arms by the weekend,” Dr. Skyler says. “‘Spicing up’ the week, in my professional opinion, does not require sex or even sexual contact.”

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And that extends to all folks, regardless of their relationship status. Enhancing pleasure midweek by prioritizing it is a great way to spice up days that might otherwise be monotonous—find three ways to do that, below.

3 tips for enhancing midweek pleasure, regardless of your relationship status

1. Engage your five senses

There are a number of bedroom personality types, and some folks require the engagement of all of their senses to experience sexual arousal. According to Dr. Skyler, this is also a great strategy for enhancing pleasure midweek.

“Pleasure lives in the world of sensuality. Engaging your senses can turn on your whole body,” says Dr. Skyler, who recommends eating a piece of dark chocolate and drinking a glass of wine to engage your senses of taste and smell. You might also consider putting on music, lighting long-burning candles (which stimulate your sight and smell), or giving or getting a sensual massage (to engage touch).

It’s important to note that you’re not just engaging your senses to relax, though—you’re doing it to enhance pleasure. Internalize that there is a certain sexual energy to these acts, and you’ll be well on your way to enhancing midweek pleasure.

2. Incorporate your hobbies

A great way to enhance pleasure midweek is to do something that you enjoy and find rewarding, regardless of whether that hobby is sexual in nature, says Dr. Skyler. That's because, similar to what happens when you engage your senses, there’s a certain energy that’s present when you’re practicing your hobbies.

“When we engage in these hobbies, we are activating our passionate energy. This energy can be contagious and channeled toward sexual contact,” Dr. Skyler says. If you’re a puzzle aficionado, for example, you could solve a puzzle that features sensual imagery as a means to get a midweek boost. If you’re more of a plant parent, perhaps you want to find someone to help you garden. In any case, you can’t go wrong if you’re picking something that makes you happy and feels rewarding.

3. Use a sex toy

Sex toys can be exciting, even just to see, which makes them great for enhancing midweek pleasure. Not only that, but even if you don’t use sex toys with another person, using one on yourself is still a good way to spice up the weekdays—and it packs some other benefits, too.

“Sex toys are the gateway to self-pleasure. Self-pleasure is the gateway to knowing your sexual self and the capacity to share that with another,” says Dr. Skyler. “And even if you never share that with another, the ‘pleasure’ of self-pleasure is your birthright.”

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