This $5 Walmart Find Might Just Turn You Into a Smoothie Person

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Among the many reasons to love healthy breakfast smoothies is that they're portable and refreshing. But making a smoothie from scratch is jsut so much work, especially in the morning when you're cranky and half-asleep. My intention intentions to blend a smoothie often goes unfulfilled, giving way to a microwaved bowl of instant oatmeal or a protein bar before heading out the door.

A new product coming out this month just might make things a little easier. Everipe is a new smoothie company that has ready-to-blend smoothie kits in five different flavors. It's a similar concept to Daily Harvest (without the buzzy add-ins, like adaptogens or CBD), but Everipe smoothie kits will be available at your local Walmart. All you do is add a liquid base (milk, alt-milk, coconut water, etc.) to your blender, dump the smoothie kit ingredients in, blend for 60 seconds, and breakfast is served.

What makes these smoothie kits so healthy is that the fruits and veggie ingredients are all freeze dried right when the nutrient density is at their peak. None of the nutrients are lost while they sit in the freezer until they're ready to be bought and blended. The price point will be $4.98 per smoothie—about half the price of what you'll find at your local juice shop. Everipe just might take smoothie-making from a healthy aspiration to an everyday ritual.

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