Shop Everlane’s Impressive Black Friday Sale To Make the Miserable Winter Months More Enjoyable

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Everlane should sponsor a game on The Price Is Right called "Break the Internet" in which contestants open a laptop and find so many things that they want to buy on the site that their carts become infinite and break the internet. I clearly don't understand how television or technology work, but I do—sort of—know about internet shopping. That's why I'm happy to tell you that the Everlane Black Friday sale will help you stock up on all of the best winterwear to make it through the next four months as un-miserably as possible. The sale lasts from today until November 29.

I have gone on record in the past saying that I don't participate in winter—and I don't. It's dark and icky and snow in the city is pretty for .2 seconds before it turns to a dog pee mural. All that stands. However, winter clothing is actually really beautiful always and if you have to suffer through the cold, dark times then you might as well be comfortable and feel good in whatever you're wearing. What follows is a toast to that.

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Shop the Everlane Black Friday Sale

The Belgian-Waffle Pocket Pullover in ReCashmere — $116.00

Originally $165, now $116

Yes, please. This waffled cashmere just feels sort of unique, and the pockets add a sporty touch, so I’ll say it again: Yes please.

The Organic Cotton Chunky Beanie — $28.00

Originally $40, now $28

Keep those ears warm with this chunky cotton beanie or take a note from my book and wear it all the time so you never have to fix your hair.

The ReNew Teddy Slipper — $45.00

Originally $65, now $45

On everyone’s wish list this year? Slippers. These fuzzy slippers will keep your toes toasty warm during long nights spent by the fire or curled up on the couch.

The Track Jogger — $48.00

Originally $68, now $48

After so many months spent not wearing “hard pants,” these joggers are the perfect minimalist addition to your sweats collection to keep you cozy through the holidays.

The Perform Pocket Legging — $48.00

Originally $68, now $48

It’s simply law that no one can have too many pairs of black leggings. These have four-way stretch for winter workouts, but are also buttery soft for layering or wearing around the house.

The Long-Sleeve V-Neck Bodysuit — $32.00

Originally $45, now $32

Cold weather means that layers are essential. This bodysuit is perfect for pairing under a sweater (or two) and a jacket so you can be toasty warm outside but not dripping in sweat when you walk in the door.

The Perform Bra — $24.00

Originally $35, now $24

Want to wear a bra without feeling like you’re wearing a bra? This sports bra has enough support to keep everything in place during a run, but also is perfect for when you want a solution sans underwire.

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