Newsflash: the Outdoor Voices Exercise Dress Is 40% Off Right Now

Photo: Well+Good Creative
Love at first sight is totally a real thing. And if you don't believe me, just stare deep into the spandex soul of an exercise dress. It's hard to find a clothing item that hits the mark with comfort, versatility, and style. But a creation from Outdoor Voices checks all the boxes, and it just so happens to be on sale.

The brand's Exercise Dress normally costs $90, but right now you can pick one up for just $54. I get it: It might feel weird spending money on a dress meant for fitness-related activities. But Well+Good editors have been rocking it all summer long for good reason: It's basically everything you love about your favorite pair of leggings in a stylish little dress.

Not only is it cute, but it was made with movement and sweat in mind—meaning whether you're working out, getting groceries, or grabbing drinks with friends, you won't be left feeling gross and sticky on hot and humid summer days. That's because unlike other dresses, it has a breathable (and silky-smooth!) leotard liner that's sweat-wicking, super lightweight, and stretchy, allowing you to move around comfortably all day long. Basically the only bad thing about it is that you're not going to want to take it off.

Lavender is the new millennial pink when it comes to activewear. Another thing you need? All the bike shorts.

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