8 Exfoliating Facial Masks to Revive Dry Winter Skin

Photo: Stocksy/ Studio Firma

Skin can be quite the flaky enigma: During the summer, it's no tall order to look glowy and dewy (the heat-derived sweat is certainly helpful for this), but during the winter, your (well, my) body is likely to shrivel up into a fish-scaled version of its warm-weather self. If in the winter you're prone to enough patches of dry skin and clogged pores to keep you from wanting to show your face on the hot date you've been excited about all week, you're not alone. What you really need is a good exfoliating mask (followed by a solid facial oil or moisturizer).

All of the skin-care treatments in the world won't do much if your pores remain clogged and obstruct your arsenal of serums from getting below the surface to do what they need to. Enter exfoliants, which slough off the dead skin cells responsible for clogging your pores and leading to breakouts.

While it's important to be mindful of not overdoing your exfoliation routine, a hydrating face mask every now and then is an easy (and Instagrammable), way to gift your winter mug a dose of hydration without giving your skin-care routine a complete snowplow-esque overhaul. And, bonus, the following picks are totally clean.

See the 8 nontoxic exfoliating face masks below.

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