This Exfoliating Scrub Is the Only Thing That Has Saved My Skin From Too Much Time Spent in Sweaty Leggings

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The golden rule of post-fitness skin care is this: GTFO of your sweaty clothes as soon as possible. Sporting your dirty athleisure can lead to all sorts of health woes, including leg acne (which, unlike, "maskne" or "buttne" does not have even have a cute shorthand. Legne? Lacne? No.) But sometimes, showering right after you sweat just isn't an option—and that's when Kate Somerville Exfolikate ($56)—a new resurfacing body scrub by a widely adored brand—totally saves the day.

Allow me to paint a picture: My skin is the very definition of sensitive. If I even look at it the wrong way, I'm guaranteed a breakout—so wearing my shorts or leggings post-run is usually a big no-no. However, sometimes life is just beyond my control: I have to hop on a Zoom meeting or answer a few emails, and before I know it, I've been sitting in my own sweat for an hour and my, er, lacne, is already conspiring to get me.

That's when Exfolikate comes in. The team over at Kate Somerville formulated Exfolikate to feature all three types of exfoliation: physical, chemical, and enzymatic. Meaning, the product removes dead skin, smooths away small bumps and imperfections, and leaves your skin looking fresher and brighter post-wash. And, like many exfoliators, it gets sh*t done on a tight schedule: You only need to use it three times a week for three minutes to see serious results.

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Kate Somerville, Exfolikate Resurfacing Body Scrub — $56.00

This strong scrub is fueled by all three types of exfoliators: physical, chemical, and enzymatic. That’s what stops my “legne” in its tracks.

Exfolikate accomplishes all of this with a fairly simple ingredients list. The product contains salicylic acid (an acne-fighting chemical exfoliator) and lactic acid (which speeds up cell turnover, which helps fade acne scars.) It also contains other exfoliants like caffeine, pumice, and pumpkin enzymes, which work together to give skin a bright sheen that lasts long after you rinse off.

That said, Exfolikate doesn't just scrub your skin and leave it raw and dry, like other physical exfoliators are guilty of. It also contains hydrating honey, aloe, and soybean extract to restore your skin barrier after all those exfoliants have cleaned up house. That aloe moisturizes the skin and mitigates the effects of all sorts of skin conditions, including acne, psoriasis, eczema, and dermatitis. However, if you're tackling any of these skin conditions, it's best to check with your dermatologist before introducing a new exfoliator into your skin-care regimen.

Now for the feel of the product: Exfolikate has a grainy texture and a bright green hue the color of Elphaba's skin in Wicked. When you apply it in the shower, it goes on rough and thick—the most satisfying exfoliator texture, IMO. Apply it to your full body (avoiding any super sensitive areas) and do your best not to wash it off while you're waiting for three whole minutes. Then, all you have to do is rinse. Voila! Your skin is refreshed and should feel a whole lot softer.

I've been using this formula three times a week for just over a month now, and while my legne hasn't disappeared completely, I have noticed that I experience less breakouts. Particularly after wearing my leggings for a bit too long. It has also cleared up some of my other body acne (shout out to my chest pimples), so that's also a huge win. Now, if only I could work on this whole "shower right after working out" thing...

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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