‘I’m a Hairstylist, and These Are the 5 Products You’ll Never Regret Spending Money On’

If we had to rank beauty routines by priority, skin care tends to hold the first-place spot. And while there’s nothing we love more than a perfectly curated, multi-step serum regimen, the amount of time and dollars we spend on our skin can make us forget how important it is to take care of our hair (guilty as charged).

But, our hair deserves the same amount of attention. It can be exciting and super rewarding to find hair-styling products that leave your scalp and strands looking and feeling their best. Whether you’re someone with thick hair, curly hair, or highlighted hair, it’s crucial to find products that give your hair the extra TLC it deserves.

To help you get started on your hair care journey, we’ve tapped celebrity hairstylist Mitchell Ramazon for five must-have products that are worth every penny.

Heat Protectant

Kérastase Resistance Serum Therapiste — $39.00

“Heat protectants are like sunscreen for your hair,” says Ramazon. “They prevent hair loss, breakage from chemical services, maintain moisture, and keep your color lasting longer.” His favorite is Kerastase’s Sérum Thérapiste Hair Serum, which gives hair 450-degree thermo-protection and restores damage. In other words? Say goodbye to past, present, and future split ends.

Scalp treatment

Nioxin Scalp Recovery Soothing Serum — $39.00

Over time, the products that we use regularly in our hair can create build-up on our scalps and clog our hair follicles. This makes it hard for your scalp to “breathe,” and can leave you with those oh-so-annoying flakes thanks to seborrheic dermatitis (aka dry scalp) or dandruff.

To prevent this, Razamon recommends the Nioxin Leave-In Scalp Recovery Serum. “Use the treatment once a month and thank me later!” he says. “This product gives our hair the chance to grow and breathe without any clogged follicles.”

It’s made with zinc pyrithione, one of the most effective active ingredients for fighting flakes, and its soothing nature helps to relieve itching and irritation while also infusing moisture into your scalp.

No-pull elastics

Kitsch Black Bungees — $7.00

“A bungee hair tie is every professional stylist’s secret weapon,” says Ramazon. These hair elastics are great because they secure your hair without creating any damage or pulling out your hair, which is particularly important if you’ve got thin strands or are dealing with hair loss.

Strengthening shampoo

Kérastase Resistance Length Strengthening Shampoo — $36.00

“Getting your hair healthy starts with your shampoo,” says Razamon, “If you have over-processed hair from color or heat styling, my favorite shampoo is Bain Extioniste by Kérestaste, which strengthens your hair and helps repair any damage.”

It’s formulated with amino acids that help strengthen the structure of your follicle, plus ceramides that lock in moisture to leave strands shiny and smooth. It works on all hair types, and using it with the proper scalp massage technique can help stimulate circulation to promote growth.

A good brush

Mason Pearson Junior Bristle and Nylon Brush — $110.00

Regularly brushing your hair may seem like an obvious element of any good hair-care routine, but aside from the fact that it helps with styling, it’s also essential for loosening any natural oils on your scalp and preventing knotting. As any good stylist will tell you, finding the right brush—particularly one that won’t rip through your strands and cause breakage—is key.

Razamon’s go-to tool is this Mason Pearson Brush, which is a favorite among stylists thanks to its gentle nylon and boars-hair bristles that give hair a silky smooth finish.

For tips on how to hack your hair-styling routine to avoid damage, check out the video below. 

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