10 Foolproof Natural Eye Shadows That Require No Skill to Use

Photo: Stocksy/Tatjana Ristanic

Picking a vampy lipstick shade or an autumn-appropriate nail polish are some of the most fun tasks on any beauty to-do list—so why are eye shadow choices so stressful? (Just me?) The makeup product has a reputation for being slightly more difficult to handle than, say, a luminizer that performs serious magic on sleepy faces. And if you had a questionable middle-school eyeliner phase like I did (hello, Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?), those junior high flashbacks can amp up the anxiety even further.

But, relax—with the great clean and natural options that abound, you can dress up your eyes with same level of ease you use to pull on your new Lululemon leggings. No need to pore over countless YouTube videos for training; these picks require nothing more than a remedial experience with finger painting—the exact method you can use to quickly swipe the product on your eyelid after a workout (or with with a brush, for a more pigmented look).

Keep scrolling to see 10 foolproof eyeshadows you can get creative with, no makeup artistry required.

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