The Eyeliner I Swear By for an Intense Jet Black Cat Eye That Won’t Budge Is 20% Off Right Now—I’m Buying 5

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I spent a solid decade looking for the perfect eyeliner. So many formulas are too inky, too smudgy, too hard to apply. Some colors aren't pigmented enough and make me feel like I'm using a Crayola marker that's about to run out of ink. Some black eyeliners can look a little grey. And some liners just don't last long enough to be worth the price tag. So, after trying dozens (and dozens) of brands and formulas, I finally found an eyeliner worthy of a permanent spot in my makeup drawer: Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner, the true MVP of the cat eye.

And thanks to the brand's holiday sale (20 percent off, sitewide), I get to stock up and get several liners to get me through 2022. This eyeliner is my go-to for a clean-and-easy cat eye that doesn't feather or smudge. Its precision-point felt tip makes drawing thin, defined lines nearly effortless, and the vegan formula ensures longevity (this is thanks to laminaria ochroleuca, a hydrating kelp that also helps with smooth application).

For thicker lines, I also love Eyeko Eye Do Liquid Eyeliner, which has a bigger, more marker-like felt tip that's smudge- and fade-proof. Plus, this formula lasts up to 12 hours—Eyeko's longest-lasting option. For thinner, more precise lines, I'll use the Skinny liner, but for an Adele or Alexa Chung-worthy cat eye (Chung actually partnered with Eyeko a few years back and released a special edition eye makeup collection with the brand), I'll switch over to Eye Do. Both are un-intimidating and easy to use (I've been wearing eyeliner since 7th grade, but I'm definitely no makeup artist), and both formulas are easy to apply and will last all day long. Somehow, however, Eyeko eyeliner also washes off easily with your makeup remover of choice, so you won't be stuck scrubbing away raccoon eyes at the end of the night.

Aside from eyeliners, Eyeko's eye makeup offerings range from mascaras (Lash Alert is my favorite for clump-free, naturally enhanced lashes) to creamy eyeshadow sticks (Double Act Shadow gives you two gorgeous shades at each end that can give you an easy-to-apply smoky eye) to tinted brow gel that makes naturally defined eyebrows possible. All products are cruelty-free and vegan, and all have an amazingly long shelf life.

I don't normally buy a lot of things in bulk—but for the brand that gives me a foolproof cat eye, I'll always make room. Eyeko's sitewide sale runs until January 10.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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