10 Anti-Inflammatory Smoothies That Are Perfect for Fall (Sans Pumpkin Spice)

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Before summer even ends, pumpkin spice everything starts taking over. The candle section at Home Goods, Trader Joe's, every coffee chain in the country...the tell-tale smell of the sugary syrup is as strong as a tidal wave. Maybe you just aren't a PSL fan or maybe you got your fill even before October started, but either way it's worth a reminder that pumpkin spice isn't the only autumnal flavor out there.

Apples, cranberries, figs, and beets are just a few fall foods in season right now, literally ripe for the picking. As with all fruits and veggies, these fall favorites are full of fiber and antioxidants, which are linked to helping prevent chronic inflammation. One easy way to enjoy them is by blending them right into a refreshing smoothie, ready to sip during a Zoom meeting or while walking the dog as you take in the colorful leaves.

All the recipes rounded up here celebrate produce that's in season right now and, to up the health benefits even more, they all also include herbs linked to lowering inflammation. Whirl up any of the fall anti-inflammatory smoothies on this list up and you're literally getting health benefits on top of health benefits. Consider the inflammation-fighting herbs a figurative cherry on top of an already nutrient-rich drink. And hey, if you want to add an actual cherry on top, that works too.

10 fall anti-inflammatory smoothies to try right now

turmeric anti-inflammatory smoothie
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1. Turmeric apple smoothie

What would an anti-inflammatory smoothie roundup be without turmeric? And it isn't the only anti-inflammatory spice in this smoothie either: Ginger is also incorporated. The spices are blended with apples and the end result can be enjoyed hot or cold.

Get the recipe: turmeric apple smoothie

2. Carrot cake smoothie

This carrot cake smoothie is made with classic fall spices—cinnamon, ginger, and nutmeg—but instead of pairing them with pumpkin, carrots serve as the main ingredient instead. The carrot cake vibes provide an immediate serotonin boost. The best part? It's way faster to make than the dessert version.

apple pie smoothie
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3. Apple pie smoothie

While we're riding the dessert-in-smoothie-form train, this apple pie smoothie is definitely worth making next time you're trying to figure out what to do with your fall apple haul. Ginger, nutmeg, and cardamom give it a warming flavor profile while Greek yogurt adds both creaminess and protein.

Get the recipe: apple pie smoothie

fall anti-inflammatory smoothies beets
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4. Beet smoothie

Not only are beets in peak season during fall, they're also linked to helping with athletic performance, so if you're hitting the gym regularly or training for a marathon, this is a great post-workout smoothie. The apples and banana the veg is paired with help sweeten it up, balancing out the earthiness.

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cranberry smoothie
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5. Cranberry smoothie

Between beets and cranberries both being in season during fall, you really could go on a mission to have pink-colored smoothies all season long. Here, the berries are combined with walnuts (a great nut for heart health), cinnamon, and maple syrup—all of which play up the fall vibes while balancing out the fruit's tartness perfectly.

Get the recipe: cranberry smoothie

fall anti-inflammatory smoothies figs
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6. Fig and honey smoothie

Figs are an often-overlooked smoothie ingredient, but look how gorgeous they can make your bev. Figs are also packed with fiber, a key nutrient for keeping chronic inflammation away. The only other ingredients you need to blend this baby up are banana, Greek yogurt, honey, salt, and milk (or alt-milk).

Get the recipe: fig and honey smoothie

fall anti-inflammatory smoothies sweet potato
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7. Sweet potato and banana smoothie

Registered dietitians often rave about sweet potatoes because they're loaded with nutrients, including fiber, vitamin A, and potassium. They also can add natural sweetness to your smoothie, especially when paired with vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg, and a touch of maple syrup. Want to up the protein? Add a spoonful of peanut butter.

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anti-inflammatory smoothies fig
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8. Fig and cinnamon smoothie

Again, can we just collectively take a second and appreciate how gorgeous figs are? Even though this smoothie looks fancy, it only takes six ingredients and five minutes to make. It's straight-up full of fiber too, due to the figs, rolled oats, and flaxseeds.

Get the recipe: fig and cinnamon smoothie 

pear smoothie
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9. Almond pear smoothie

If apple smoothies are too sweet for your liking, try using pears, which have a more subtle sweetness. The other ingredients used to make this smoothie read like a delicious cookie recipe: oats, almond butter, ginger, cinnamon, and nutmeg among them. Even though this drink is served cold, it's full of warming vibes. If you're looking for classic fall anti-inflammatory smoothies, this recipe is required reading.

Get the recipe: almond pear smoothie

fall smoothie
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10. Butternut squash and mango smoothie

Pumpkin is not the only squash in season during fall; butternut squash is another seasonal fave that offers up a slightly different flavor profile. The key to incorporating it into your smoothie is balancing it out with an ingredient that's a bit sweeter—here, that means mango. Frozen cauliflower is added for extra fiber and cinnamon warms the whole thing up while bringing more anti-inflammatory powers to your glass.

Get the recipe: butternut squash and mango smoothie

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