32 of the Best Fall Candles That Aren’t All Just Scented Like Pumpkin Spice

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There seems to be an unwritten rule amongst us that, once the calendar flips to September and temperatures dip below 70 degrees, the fall candles come out. And most of the time, it's not just any fall candle, but the autumnal "it girl" herself—a pumpkin candle.

But here's a plot twist for you: Not everyone likes a pumpkin scent. Oftentimes, it veers off from spiced and seasonal straight into sickeningly sweet territory, giving us more headache than harvest. You can't escape it—walk into any bookstore or coffee shop in the middle of October and you're sure to be hit with the same, pumpkin-y aroma, over and over and over again. Unpopular opinion: it's overkill.

A PSA for the people who want to explore new fall candle territory, whether or not they actually like a pumpkin scent in the first place. There are actually other fall candles out there that will invoke a cozy, autumnal feel sans any of the orange veggie. And I'm not even talking about other seasonal staples, like apple cinnamon or cardamon chai. From warm, woodsy smells grounded in earthy musks, to classic florals that you'd find in a fall bouquet, I promise there are many other fall candles to spark this season besides anything gourmand at all. (If that's what you're looking for, of course.)

Save the pumpkin spice for your coffee mug—spark these other fall candles below.

The best fall candles of 2023

Classic floral scents

Boy Smells, "Cinderose" — $36.00

As its name suggests, “Cinderose” will fill your home with a smoky flowery scent. Notes of pink pepper and tuberose give it a lighter, springier smell, while bottom notes of myrrh, oakmoss, and albanum give it a burnt, spicy scent. If you want a floral candle with some edge, it does the trick.

Paddywax, "Saffron Rose" — $33.00

For fans of roses, this new candle from Paddywax offers a fruity twist on the romantic scent. Underneath notes of berry and bergamot you’ll smell rose and saffron mixed with oakmoss and amber. The goblet votive is equally romantic and sets the mood no matter the season.

Floral Street, "Midnight Tulip" — $46.00

At the heart of this candle is black tulip, a rich, heady scent that smells like fresh cut flowers. It’s surrounded by dark, brooding scents, too, like amber and incense blended with saffron and lemon.

Diptyqe, "Baies/Berries" — $68.00

Another fruity floral scent that smells rich and warm, so when the temps start to fall, you cozy on up with this fragrance. It smells like freshly picked blackberries mixed with rose petals, invoking memories of late September days spent in the sun.

Mrs. Meyer's, "Mum" — $14.00

If there’s ever a flower to encapsulate fall, it’s the mum. Light up this mum-scented candle to instantly transform your space into a cool, October evening that’s all-things herbal, warm, and spicy.

Kobo Candles "Sweet Sunflower" — $29.00

Still clinging to summer? Get this sunflower candle, which smells like a late August afternoon. It’s a bright, flowery explosion of scents like melon, lemon, cyclamen, and lily, warmed up with a touch of musk and cedarwood. Just remember to save the box for next summer—you can plant it and it will grow into the very sunflowers it’s inspired by.

Fresh, clean scents

L'or de Seraphine, "Valensole" — $44.00

Summer might be over but that doesn’t mean you can’t still spark something fresh and clean. L’or de Seraphine just launched three new scents for fall, including this lavender-eucalyptus candle that’s perfect for re-energizing your home when the days get cold and gray.

Lili Blair, "Fresh Linen" — $15.00

For fans of the fresh laundry scent, this one’s for you. Under the notes of fresh cotton are hints of green leaves and lemon, reminiscent of the early days of autumn, before the leaves turn and the sun still shines.

Siblings Co., "No. 12-Mint, Cannabist, & Sage" — $26.00

Why buy a fall candle when you can make your own?! Siblings Co. sends everything you need to make your own candles, minus the vessel. Pour this bright-smelling wax into an empty mason jar or recycled plant pot for scents of, well, mint, cannabis, and sage. (This also makes for a fun indoor activity as the weather cools down.)

Apotheke, "White Vetiver" — $38.00

While deeper and sultry with scents of amber and cedarwood, this fragrance by Apotheke is clean, and blended with lighter notes of lilac and cashmere for a warm, yet airy feel.

D.S. & Durga, "Big Sur After Rain" — $65.00

Few things scream “Fall” as loudly as a rainy day. For an instant rainy Sunday, light up this candle by D.S. & Durga, which smells almost exactly like a dewy afternoon. Think: coastal rain, eucalyptus, and hints of magnolia.

Sweet gourmand scents

P.F. Candle Co., "Apple Picking" — $24.00

Want to go with gourmand but don’t want pumpkin? Apples are just as iconic for fall, and smell just as great. This crisp candle by P.F. Candle Co. smells like a fresh picked fruit, blended with slight notes of spicy, mulled cider and cedarwood. Maybe it’s the name but it’ll make you want to plan a trip to the orchard as soon as you spark it.

Volupsa, "Santal Vanille" — $30.00

Sometimes vanilla can be too sweet, but this is not that vanilla candle. “Santal Vanille” is rooted in earthy, woody vibes, blended with scents of santal and sandalwood for a gourmand scent that doesn’t overdo it.

Moods by Yemmie, "Netflix and..." — $20.00

Rainy days got you in the mood for some Netflix and chill? Be sure to spark this scent by Moods, by Yemmie, which is practically a chai latte in candle form. Great for snuggling on the couch during your next Hulu binge or, ya know, other things…

Bath & Body Works, "Pumpkin Pecan Waffles" — $30.00

There’s still room for pumpkin on our list—just not the whole thing. Especially when it smells like home-cooked waffles on a weekend morning. For just $30, this candle will transform your kitchen into a fancy schmancy Sunday brunch with smells of roasted pecans and syrup-y waffles.

Rock N' Roll Candle Co., "Brown Sugar" — $20.00

Inspired by the Rolling Stone’s song, “Brown Sugar” smells like a Michelin-star rated crème brûlée. But again, it doesn’t overdo it like some gourmand candles tend to do. It’s the perfect heaping of sweet, if that’s what you’re into.

Glasshouse Fragrances, "After Hours" — $55.00

Sweet, spicy, and oh-so-sultry, “After Hours” is the candle you want to light when the sun goes down. Its top notes are scented with smoky tobacco, rum, and ginger, while vanilla, wood, and patchouli round it out for a deep, dark aroma. Doesn’t hurt that the votive is a work of art, too.

Nest, "Apple Blossom" — $70.00

Turn your home into orchard with this tasty candle. Crisp red apples blend seamlessly with sensual smells of cedarwood and amber, sparking up a candle as good as fresh baked apple crisp. Even better, 10 percent of proceeds are donated to the non-profit Next for Autism with every purchase.

Otherland, "Cardamom Milk" — $36.00

“Cardamom Milk” is a creamy-yet-spicy comforting scent that’ll make you think of chai lattes and warming up your feet by the fireplace. It’s got a vanilla base that’s spiked with cardamom, and it’s infused with a touch of woodsiness.

Fruity, citrus candles

Public Goods, "Black Currant" — $14.00

Public Good’s hearty black currant candle smells as good as it gets. Between the natural wax, sustainable packaging, and all-clean ingredients, these candles are the definition of eco-friendly. The fact that it smells like ripe berries doesn’t hurt either.

Forvr Mood, "Cuffing Season" — $38.00

If you like citrus-y florals, check out “Cuffing Season” by Forvr Mood. Underneath the lemon and orange top notes are signature florals like iris and jasmine, mixed with earthy cedar and moss. All in all, the definition of a citrus blend.

Anecdote Candles, "Farmers Market" — $26.00

True to its name, “Farmers Market” smells like, “Long lines and tote bags and ginger and meadow grass.” Spark it up and close your eyes—you can practically see the colorful fruits and veggies and hear the crowds of people buying their weekly haul. It’s a little fruity, a little clean, and a little earthy, the way a good candle should be.

Pottery Barn, "Citrus Clove" — $30.00

Spice meets citrus in this fall candle from Pottery Barn. In addition to Seville orange and bergamot, each candle is blended with spicier smells, like cinnamon and clove, making it an excellent choice for fall.

Anthropologie, "Fig" — $36.00

Sweet and fresh, this fig-scented candle from Anthropologie smells just as good as the real fruit. Its sweetness is offset with herbs and woodsy notes, reminiscent of the dog days of summer (or beginnings of fall, however you look at it.)

SoHum Sugar Plum & Bergamot — $42.00

Not overbearingly sweet, Sugar Plum & Bergamot smells like the plate of cookies you’d leave out by the fireplace (or a mix of citrus, rhubarb jam and raspberries, and amber). Made of 100 percent soy and non-toxic material, this candle a burn time of 50 hours.

Warm, woodsy scents

Snif, "Sweet Ash" — $44.00

This candle is the carbon copy of Snif’s best-selling perfume, Sweet Ash. Just like the original, it’s a perfect blend of woodsy and sweet, mixing classic botanical smells (moss, fir, balsam) with indulgent vanilla bean and tonka.

Brooklyn Candle Studio, "Montana Forest" — $28.00

Instantly transport yourself to the lush woods of Big Sky or Whitefish with this forest-scented candle. Between the spruce trees, camphor, and fresh mountain air, you’ll feel like your on an autumn hike surrounded by nature.

Nette, "Supernatural" — $68.00

Want a smokier, woodsy smell? Light up “Supernatural,” which smells like spooky October nights and midnight bonfires. It’s about as autumn as you can get, with notes of patchouli, frankincense, cinnamon, and sandalwood.

Literie Candles, "I Have a Cabin Upstate" — $45.00

It’s okay if you don’t actually have a cabin upstate—this new scent from Literie will take you there. You know the, “I just sat out by the campfire all night,” smell you get after camping? That’s this candle, that’s blended with other earthy notes, too.

Lulu Candles, "Jasmine, Oud & Sandalwood" — $20.00

Like its name suggests, this $20 candle is candle is warm and earthy, filled with warm scents that are snuggly on a cold, fall day. With over 29,000 reviews on Amazon, it’s a must-have for your candle collection.

Le Labo, "Palo Santo 14" — $78.00

This luxurious candle takes inspiration from the mystical scent of Palo Santo. From its woody notes of cedar and ash, to its aromatic incense and patchouli, it’s a great option when you’re in need of a recharge or cleanse.

autumn hayride
Homesick, "Autumn Hayride" — $34.00

Remember hayrides when you were a kid? This candle by Homesick brings back those memories, as it’s meant to evoke crisp, autumn air, fresh hay, and whiffs of sweet maple. Other notes like clove, amber, and birch make this candle more sweet than smoky. Burn time is around 60-80 hours.

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