The Bath Scenes From Movies That You’ll Want to Replicate in Your Home

Cancel your plans.

When it comes to favorite winter self-care activities, taking a warm bath and cozying up to watch a movie are neck-and-neck for the gold medal. So, um, why not combine the two? Turns out, the women in some iconic films are actually pretty good inspo for your next self-care night in. From bubble baths to petal-powered soaks, they know what's up when it comes to super-charging their soaks.

So, why not follow their lead? (They're the leading ladies after all.) Here, I collected five tubs from film history that you're gonna want to hop in stat.  Cancel your plans, self-care is on tap.

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The Notebook

Photo: Youtube/The Notebook

Real talk: Who among us hasn't attempted to nurse heartbreak with a bubble bath? After Allie sees a picture of her lost love Noah in the newspaper during a wedding dress fitting, she faints, and takes to the bath in attempt to make herself feel better. Post-breakup self-care is majorly important, and the fact that Allie still has her veil on while she bathes just might make this the most glamorous moment in self-care history.

The 7 Year Itch

Photo: IMDB/The Seven Year Itch

In The Seven Year Itch, Marilyn Monroe treats her icy bath time as a way to cool off from the sweltering New York City summer heat. Ice baths also happen to speed up muscle recovery time (which is why they tend to be a post-game go-to for athletes), so Monroe may have actually been onto something.


Photo: BBC/Cleopatra

Nobody does self care quite like the Queen of the Nile. Elizabeth Burton's bath game as Cleopatra was next-level, complete with floating lotus flowers and gold toy boats. She also manages to clean up without smudging her cat-eye, which is pretty damn impressive. If you're looking for some royal treatment, check out one of these thermal baths that are undeniably fit for a queen, and of course, you must add petals to your tub.

Pretty Woman

Photo: IMBD/Pretty Woman

Julia Roberts did what any of the rest of us would do when left to our own devices in a five-star luxury hotel: She took a bath, complete with a zillion bubbles and a Prince soundtrack. Bubble baths are obviously the number one way to chill out, and might even help you sleep better if you soak yourself in some suds before bed.

Blonde Crazy

Photo: Youtube/ Warner Bros Archive-Blonde Crazy

Adding a little scrub to your "rub-a-dub-dub," the way Joan Blondell does in Blonde Crazy, is the perfect way to give your winter skin a head to toe exfoliation. Sloughing with a sisal brush a la Blondell is actually one of the best ways to get rid of dead skin — plus, it will make bath time feel like a full-on spa experience.

Now that you're good and ready to hop in the tub (... after you lay on the couch for 12 hours under a chunky knit blanket and re-watch. every movie on this list), here are 5 luxurious winter baths to warm you right up.

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