Whole Foods Might Not Be As Clean As You Think

Photo: Pixabay
Even if you're a master zoodler and cauli rice maker, sometimes it's just easier to grab the prepared stuff—and Whole Foods has the make-life-easier thing on lock. From fresh guac, salsa, pesto, and veggies sliced and ready to stir fry, the chain prides itself on selling quality prepared foods that might not be as appealing at less upscale grocery stores. But a new report from the Food and Drug Administration might have you wanting to put that freshly made couscous back on the shelf.

Eater reports that the FDA has hit Whole Foods hard with a slew of violations. A sampling: mixing basil pesto directly under where some gross liquid was dripping from the ceiling (actually, there were a number of complaints about the ceiling drip), employees not washing hands between tasks, sanitizer being inadvertently sprayed onto leafy greens, equipment not properly cleaned, and more—detailed in this extensive list.

Whole Foods global vice president of operations Ken Meyer was surprised by the news, telling the Austin-American Stateman that the brand works closely with the FDA to stay on top of rules and regulations. The beloved brand released a statement saying they have already gone through all the appropriate steps to ensure the violations won't happen again.

Is this news enough for you to quit buying Whole Foods' prepared foods for good, or are you not too worried? Tell us in the Comments.

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