The Easy, High-Fiber Breakfast a Dietitian Eats Every Morning During Quarantine

Looking for an easy, healthy quarantine breakfast? This top dietitian has got your back.

One of the favorite memories of my childhood was eating those oatmeal packets with the dinosaur eggs in them (and, you know, not having to pay bills or deal with a global pandemic). Fast-forward to now, and I feel somewhat vindicated by my childhood choice in breakfast thanks to this week's episode of Well+Good's YouTube show You Versus Food.

In the episode, host Tracy Lockwood Beckerman, RD shares her tips for fueling your body right during quarantine. Her recommendation for a healthy breakfast: oatmeal (without the literal hunks of sugar that I suspect those dino eggs were).

If you're like, Oatmeal? For breakfast? Groundbreaking, let me remind you that it's a classic, well-balanced breakfast for a reason. "Like your wardrobe, your eating habits may look a little different these days. Instead of sprinting out the door, you may now actually have time to make a well-balanced breakfast, and that's great. A well-balanced breakfast is satiating, and gives you enough energy to face your day," Beckerman says.

That's where oatmeal comes in. It's a fiber-rich breakfast with about four grams per cooked cup, meaning that it helps keep you full (and also keeps you regular). She also likes oatmeal because oats are easy to find, affordable, shelf-stable, and super versatile. Beckerman personally likes to add berries—fresh, frozen, or dried—to her oatmeal to get more antioxidants. Other ways to enjoy your morning oats: throw some Greek yogurt on it, make it taste like pie, or make it savory and put an egg on top. You may be bored during quarantine, but it won't be because of your oatmeal.

But wait, you ask. What about the rest of the day during quarantine...what should I eat then? Watch the full video above to see what else she eats to keep her energy up during the long days of quarantine. Thankfully, copious amounts of pasta are involved.

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