This French Face and Neck Cream Mimics Botox *and* Filler Formulas—I Tried It for One Week, and the Results Were Impressive

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One of my skin-care resolutions is to pay more attention to my neck and décolletage. Don’t get me wrong, I do “take my skin-care down,” as they say, and apply products below my face, but I could definitely be better at it. I have some specific concerns—a deep wrinkle on my neck (tech neck, I presume), as well as some bumpy texture on my chest. I’ve used neck creams in the past, but hadn’t yet found one to regularly incorporate in my routine, that is, until I recently came across Filorga Time Filler 5-XP.

How it works

The French skin-care company, Filorga, rebooted its best-selling face cream, Time-Filler 5-XP Wrinkle Correction Cream ($83). just in time for my skin-care goals. The formula centers around the new 5-XP formula which targets five specific types of wrinkles: expression lines, deep wrinkles, dryness wrinkles, surface wrinkles, and, last but not least, neck wrinkles. It was fate!

But what’s especially interesting is the 5-XP formula is designed around how aesthetic treatments focus on these areas. For example, the part that targets expression lines uses a tripeptide that’s inspired by Botox, whereas deep wrinkles get hit by a combination of encapsulated hyaluronic acid and matrikine peptides to mimic the effects of filler. Meanwhile, surface wrinkles are treated like a peel with smoothing sea fennel, and dryness-caused wrinkles are hydrated and plumped up by a combination of Filorga’s signature NCEF complex and the powerfully moisturizing Imperata cylindrica root.

For the neck wrinkles aspect of the cream, Filorga was inspired by thread lifts. It uses Anigozanthos Flavidus extract, also known as kangaroo paw flower. This botanical that has been getting more attention in the past few years for its regenerative powers. It’s known to have antioxidant benefits thanks to linoleic acid and ferulic acid, and help improve skin elasticity, boost collagen and elastin production, and reduce wrinkles. Research has also shown kangaroo paw flower to also have firming properties, specifically in the neck area. I’ve seen this ingredient pop up in a few other products from skincare brands, but I won’t be surprised if we start hearing about it more.

My experience testing Filorga Time-Filler 5-XP Wrinkle Correction Cream

I know I’m probably not the only one who hasn’t been giving their neck as much love as the rest of their face when it comes to skin-care. “The neck is an area that gets a lot of sun exposure because it often is not covered, and we do not always protect it as well as we protect the face," board-certified dermatologist Hadley C. King, MD, FAADpreviously told us. "And it is an area with very little subcutaneous fat, so a loss of volume and increased skin laxity are particularly apparent. The skin of the neck also has fewer, less active oil glands compared to the face.” While the neck and chest were my primary focus for this experiment, I did use Time-Filler 5XP on my entire face as well.

The first thing I look for in my skin-care products is formula consistency. With other neck creams I’ve tried, they tend to be thicker, but Time-Filler 5-XP is for the face and neck, so the consistency was more lightweight. It felt somewhere in the middle of a gel formula and a thicker face cream, but absorbed into the skin quickly, which I appreciate. The next thing I noticed is the scent. The Time-Filler 5XP has a nice, but pretty noticeable fragrance. I usually like products with a more herbal scent rather than perfume-y, but I didn’t think it was too strong, or lingered too much on my skin. Still, if you are super sensitive to scented products, keep this in mind.

I used the cream every single night for about a week, along with my usual face products (serum and essence) but refrained from using any acids. After the week, there wasn’t a noticeable difference in my neck wrinkles—this kind of transformation generally takes a couple weeks. However, the bumpiness on my neck, and especially my chest, improved greatly—which is impressive after only using the product for a week. My neck and chest felt so much softer and smoother, I was shocked. Because of this, I’m definitely going to continue testing the Time-Filler 5-XP to see if my wrinkles improve in a month. I’m excited to see what more it can do.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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