If Instant Pot and Sous Vide Had a Baby, This Would Be It

Photo: Fissler; Collage: Well+Good Creative
The list of cooking functions possessed by the Instant Pot is nothing short of impressive: it's a pressure cooker, rice maker, egg boiler, yogurt maker, and steamer all in one. But one of the few features most IPs don't have is a built-in sous vide, a process used to cook vacuum-sealed foods to perfection by maintaining a precisely controlled temperature. Sous vide ensures meat, fish, and veggies are cooked evenly while retaining their flavor and nutrient-density. Well, what a time to be alive: now there's a new pressure cooker-sous vide hybrid.

Presenting the Fissler Souspreme Multi Pot ($130). With a whopping 18 cooking programs, it does everything other pressure cookers do, but it has an integrated sous vide function, which makes sure that whatever you throw in there cooks perfectly every time. Say, for example, you want to make a soup full of veggies and chicken. Using the sous vide feature makes sure every single ingredient comes out super tender—without losing any of the health benefits. It's also a pressure cooker, which means that all this happens in a fraction of the time it would on the stove or in a slow cooker.

Really any meal you're making where you make sure you don't lose a drop of flavor, the sous vide feature will come in handy for. You can even use it to make your own version of the cult-classic Starbucks sous vide egg bites, adding bacon and cheese for a velvety, keto-approved breakfast.

At $130, it's definitely not cheap. (In contrast, a classic Instant Pot starts at just $50.) But considering that the going price for a sous vide device is between $99 and $175, the Fissler Souspreme is a great deal. It's a definite sign that the pressure cooker trend is just getting bigger and better. I wonder what they'll be able to do next.

You don't need a sous vide feature to make these vegan and keto Instant Pot recipes.

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