This 5-Minute Journal Can Soothe Negative Thoughts in Seconds—Here’s How It Works

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If you're "in the know" on the journaling scene (or have just scrolled through Instagram recently), you'll know there's a new type of writing exercise in town. First, there was bullet journaling, aka, "BuJo," then there was the scripting technique which focused on manifestation. Now? Five-minute journaling is having a moment, and it's as therapeutic as it is fast.

The technique has taken off on social media, with thousands of users sharing photos of the same pretty, canvas journals to their feeds. Designed by Intelligent Change, The Five Minute Journal ($30) is aesthetically stunning, minimalist and chic like something out of a French bookstore. But it's the inside that's arguably more impressive, with each page featuring quick prompts crafted to invoke productivity, gratitude, and inspiration in its writers.

The Five Minute Journal — $30.00

This chic journal has taken the internet by storm thanks to its simplicity and mood-boosting benefits.

Social media users have all praised the journal for its ability to soothe them in seconds. It's not all in their heads—journaling has proven to be therapeutic for ages, be it for five minutes or 50. Alison Stone, LCSW, a psychotherapist in New York, previously told us that the activity can be a game-changer for our mental health and well being. Be it through affirmations or daily reminders, the activity is comforting for many writers.

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"Journaling is great for enhancing self-awareness through helping us detect and track patterns of behavior, thoughts, and feelings,” Stone explained. “Doing this can help get rid of stress, clarify goals, and reduce symptoms of anxiety."

Unlike traditional blank notebooks, The Five Minute Journal is particularly healing, thanks to its prompts. Each page is printed with five spaces for you to fill in with daily mantras, moments of gratitude, and goals, eliminating any risk of writer's block. And the best part is, it only takes five minutes, giving you time back in your day to do the things you love, or journal more. “Experiment with not only what gives you the most benefit, but what is realistic for you to commit to on a regular basis, " Stone said.

Ready to put pen to paper? Shop The Five Minute Journal here, or check out these other notebooks which work just as fast.

5 other journals that'll soothe you in seconds

CreateSpace, 3-Minute Morning Journal — $13.00

This journal is great for making a habit out of your journaling routine. Each “day” features the same fill-in-the-blank prompts designed to boost positivity, inspire action, and spark reflection—all in three minutes or less.

Jennifer Webb, The 5-Minute Productivity Journal — $12.00

Want an easy way to recharge and hold yourself accountable to actually hit those goals? Check out this productivity journal, which features writing prompts focused to get you motivated and inspired to hit your goals, no matter how hectic life may get.

Photo: Addie Rawr
Addie Rawr, The Great Gratitude Journal — $9.00

Addie Rawr’s stationary, journals, and gifts are designed with women of color in mind. This trendy gratitude journal features different prompts sheets broken into four categories: self, family and friends, health and wealth. The focus is simple: Practice gratitude in your daily life.

Papier, Wellness Journal — $33.00

Papier is a goldmine for all things paper and personalized. This pretty wellness journal is printed on a 12-week cadence that’s designed to be used morning and nightly. There’s space for all-things wellness, encouraging you to reflect on the big things, like relationships and career goals, down to your daily water intake.

Chronicle Books, One Line A Day Journal — $12.00

Really pressed for time? All you need to do to write in this journal is fill in one line a day. The reward? A 5-year memory book that allows you to page through key dates and time frames, serving as a log that tracks personal growth and progress.

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