8 Candles That Bring Springtime Floral Scents Inside

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The situation: you are an aroma fiend who loves cherry blossom trees, picnics in the park by the tulips, and big bunches of flowers in your kitchen. The problem: you kill every plant you touch. The solution: floral scented candles.

Okay, even if that's not precisely what's running through your mind, there's something cheerful and uplifting about ushering in the springtime with floral scents. Invoking the power of nature indoors can be very mentally healthy move, and flower power specifically might keep you chipper during the winter months. So why not give a flora-inspired candle a whirl now and see what gorgeous field of blooms you end up in? Below, we found the wax-and-wick equivalents of some of our favorite Spring scents.

8 Floral scented candles to give your space Spring vibes all year long

1. Homesick Wildflowers Candle, $34

Lighting the wick of Wildflowers is like receiving a gorgeously lush bouquet. In this candle you can find jasmine, geranium and lavender at the top, with notes of peony and vanilla in the middle, and base notes of rose and magnolia. Sandalwood and amber underscore the blend so you get a sense of warmth.

Shop Now:Homesick Wildflowers Candle, $34

2. Voluspa Rose Otto Candle, $24

Rose is an unmistakable scent, familiar and potently romantic. Voluspa's take on this classic scent—made from steamed distilled rosa damascena flower tops, Bulgarian rose essential oil, and macaron flavor-inspired Cocowax—provides a perfect spring twist.

Shop Now: Voluspa Rose Otto Candle, $24

3. Gilded Pink Onyx Marble Candle, $68

While Gilded is known largely for their luxe skincare offerings, their signature marble candle vessels are an artful addition to any home. You can mix and match a variety inserts, containers, and scents, but I fancy the light sweetness of pink onyx with orange blossom.

Shop Now:Gilded Pink Onyx Marble Candle, $68

4. L'or de Seraphine Premium Scented Candle, $30

In Greek mythology, Persephone maintains dual roles as goddess of spring and Queen of the Underworld. Such an energy, to be honest. If you want to channel 'the maiden' herself, grab this pretty candle by L'or de Seraphine, which holds jasmine and pepper in equal regard.

Shop Now:L'or de Seraphine Premium Scented Candle, $30

5. LOHN Oro Candle, $18

Speaking of jasmine, you'll find it among top notes of rose and mandarin in this mixture by LOHN. While many of the floral scented candles here scream "spring," this one feels more like that cusp before summer, where the nights are heady with blooms on a warm wind. Credit clove and musk for turning on that sensuous feeling of heat.

Shop Now:LOHN Oro Candle, $18

6. Diptyque Freesia Candle, $68

Freesia has a sugary sweetness to it, but trust legacy brand Diptyque to keep it from being too saccharine. Once again, pepper steps in to make this scent elevated, adult, and nighttime appropriate.

Shop Now:Diptyque Freesia Candle, $68

6. Boy Smells Lanai Candle, $32

This is another scent that feels a little more tropic, largely because you have a volcanic undercurrent with clove and coal. Orange blossom, however, lifts up the scent, providing some much needed gentleness to this earthy blend.

Shop Now:Boy Smells Lanai Candle, $32

7. Otherland Purple Petals Lilac Vegan Candle, $36

Cult brand Otherland delivers a whimsical match-up with Purple Petals. You have lilac and hyacinth dominating on the flower front, and lychee coming in for a sense of fruitiness.

Shop Now: Otherland Purple Petals Lilac Vegan Candle, $36

8. Fornasetti Flora Scented Candle, $215

There are designer candles, and then there's Fornasetti. Candle connoisseurs will weep at the museum-worthy jars, literally drawn from the mind (and hand) of the late surrealist artist Piero Fornasetti. Ivy, lily of the valley, and white rose team up in this floral explosion—the scent travels with Fornasetti, so you'll feel like you've filled a queen's bizarre with hundreds of fresh blooms.

Shop Now: Fornasetti Flora Scented Candle, $215

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