Here’s How You Can Get Off a Plane and Still Look Positively Glowing

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Unless you're flying to Dubai first class like the Sex and the City gals circa 2010, your typical travel experience likely includes cramping into a middle seat next to a coughing seat-mate or a crying child while de-humidified air dries you out like a raisin, and extreme temperatures make it impossible to get comfortable enough to relax.

Under these circumstances, it can be challenging to get off the plane without resembling someone who's just returned from a (shower-free) bender in Vegas. It's not a good look no matter what your destination may be. And while the quickest way to counteract this is to treat your flight like a full-on, in-flight spa (think: sheet masks and moisturizing gloves), space constraints and self-consciousness may prevent you from going all out.

Luckily, it's not necessary to preview your self-care routine for every passenger on the plane. Instead, with help from Elena Severin, Director of Retail at the Detox Market, you can be subtle about beautifying; below, find the products that can help you achieve a glow on-the-go, no matter how little sleep, moisture, or chill-time you've managed to get en route.

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Face wipes

Since you may end up trapped in place because of a snoozing person in the aisle seat, jojoba- and argan-oil enriched face wipes are critical for cleansing your face, while keeping it dewy. These hydrating versions won't irritate or further dehydrate your skin, either.

Moisturizing masks

Sheet masks may be easy to use, but they're not necessarily low key enough for everybody to enjoy in flight. These creamy moisturizing masks offer a less flashy alternative for keeping thirsty skin from shriveling as cabin humidity plummets. "I apply the Kahina Moisture Mask on my face, hands, and neck before the plane leaves the gate," says Severin. "It leaves my skin glowing and hydrated upon arrival."

Refreshing mists and essences

Something about plane air can make you feel like you need to shower, stat. Since you can't actually rinse off before landing, however, these refreshing, repairing, and brightening liquids can provide a quick-and-easy alternative.

Reparative multi-tasking balms

Lotions and oils can both be messy, which makes them less than ideal for in-flight hydration. Balms are less so, and they offer more intensive hydration for uber-parched skin, too.

Inner-glow enablers

It's just as important to be aware of what you put into your body while flying as it is to be aware of what you put onto your skin. These ingestible products will fortify your immune system and help hydration levels from the inside out. "This altitude oil will make too-tight plane cabins seem not so stuffy," says Severin. "I place two drops under my nose and one on my chest before departure."

Glow makeup

A full face of makeup can make tired complexions appear more worn-out by settling into fine lines. Opt instead for a natural glow via minimalist products such as BB or CC creams mixed with highlighters and finished with a rosy balm or light blush.

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