This $19 Coffee Gadget Completely Changed How I Cook in the Kitchen, Beyond Just Upping My Latte Game

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Like many other people in the world, I would say that I am an avid user of a little app known as TikTok. I love the portal into other people’s lives, and although I should probably cut down on my scrolling time, sometimes I can’t help it. I especially love to watch cooking videos like those of Nassim Lahbichi (@lahbco), Justine Doiron (@Justinesnacks), Bettina Makalintal (@bettinamak), Alfredo Garcia (@freddsters), and so many other creative chefs. Most recently, my interest in “cooktok” has convinced me to buy a milk frother, one of those gadgets at-home baristas use to froth their lattes and beautify their beverages.

My search for the right milk frother was a long, arduous, months-long back-and-forth between similar-looking but slightly different frother wands from retailers like Target, Walmart, and Amazon. That was until one night, TikTok convinced me to add the Foodville MF02 Milk Frother ($19) to my cart, and my life has never been the same. Maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration, but it really has changed so much about how I cook in the kitchen and what I make, well beyond the world of caffeinated drinks.

milk frother
Photo: Amazon/ Foodville
FoodVille MF02 Rechargeable Milk Frother — $19.00

With two versatile whisks, the FoodVille electric frother is one of the best kitchen essentials everyone should have handy—for coffee, and beyond.

Step right up and listen to the ways the Foodville MF02 frother is my mealtime secret weapon, hiding in plain sight on my kitchen counter. The following are all the ways that this great gadget has paid for itself over and over again.

1. Any powder can become a seamless drink in seconds

Maybe my favorite use of this tool—although I'm inclined to say this about all of these newly unlocked talents—is that it allows me to obliterate any powder into any liquid almost instantly. Whether that is turmeric in a pot of simmering almond milk, superfood supplements in some water, cocoa mix in piping hot almond milk, or collagen into my coffee, this frother blends any mix with the might of New York City construction jackhammers that throttle me awake (without the noise.)

This is particularly amazing because most of the aforementioned powders are things that need to be well-dispersed, particularly the turmeric and superfoods powder. These ingredients are super useful, provide wellness benefits, and are great additions to my life, but I’d rather do a lot of things before I eat any chunks of them. Athletic Greens blobs hitting my tongue first thing in the morning are grounds for calling out of work and going back to bed—Nope, nope, triple nope. Texture is everything to me, and so is flavor. That’s why this high-powered, lightweight, quiet frother has made my beverage consumption a thousand times better.

2. I don’t have to break out the big appliances

So, why the Foodville MF02 and not others? A few reasons include its power settings, horsepower, cute little stand, and its long battery life (which I'll expand more on later.) I also love that this tool comes with different extensions to switch things up—there’s the frother end that's great for beverage blending, but there’s also a mini beater end that rules. This tool comes in handy when I have a salad dressing that looks like a lava lamp, simply begging to be emulsified, or when I have a bowl of eggs I’d like to mix up for a quick scramble, but the sound of a fork scraping a bowl does things to my soul that I can’t really explain.

The mini beater is especially great for mixing together a little bowl of pancake mix for a solo breakfast when I have a hankering for something sweet and fluffy. I don’t have to break out the heavy beaters or standing mixer when I am making something small for myself, or run out of elbow grease from stirring with a fork before I’ve even started my day. 10 points for the Foodville MF02 frother.

3. It has an out-of-this-world battery life

Back to the battery life. I'm not one for remembering to charge things—I actually love to avoid having anything that needs to be recharged in in order to work. That was my hesitancy in making the jump to purchase one of these bad boys in the first place. Another thing to charge? No, thank you. But this little milk frother just died, and I bought it in February and have used it a lot. I am so impressed at that battery life that I mildly suspect some sort of sorcery...

4. It means I get to cook and eat more of what I love

All in all, this tool has made cooking so much easier while still allowing me to produce quality foods that I love to eat and drink. That’s probably the most important part of the experience. Typically, if I want something to be easier or faster, I have to sacrifice something else like flavor, texture, or healthiness. With this tool, I don’t sacrifice the texture of my drink, the blend of my salad dressing, or the fluffiness of my pancakes. If anything, I have better food that is easier to make, which is always the goal.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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