Cancel That Foot Massage—These Feel-Good Stretches Make Feet Happy

Photo: Stocksy/ZHPH Production
When you're trying to increase the number of steps displayed on your fitness tracker, your feet are definitely going to feel it after the daily grind takes its toll. The best way to repay your feet for carrying you from A to B? Calling on some tried-and-true foot stretches for pain.

Feet and toes often get neglected even if you're stretching the rest of your body regularly. "If you have feet, you probably wear shoes," says Brea Johnson, founder of Heart + Bones Yoga, in a YouTube video. "And if you wear shoes, your feet probably don't get to move as much as they need to. And then we wonder, 'Why do my feet hurt? Why is the bottom of my foot sore when I wake up in the morning? Why do my toes start to squish together?' Because we don't move them enough."

In addition to increasing circulation to the area, Johnson's toe and foot stretches are easy enough to do anywhere you can sit comfortably, such as when you're a passenger on a long car ride or when you're sitting on the couch watching your favorite TV show. Your feet will thank you.

Now that your feet and toes are all stretched out, try these options before bed for better sleep. You can also improve your sex life with stretches as well, and these are the top trainer-recommended picks.

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