I Tried the New Cleansing Device That Leaves Skin Firmer With Every Use

Photo: Courtesy of Foreo
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As someone with dry skin, I love using a gentle suds-free cleanser that doesn't leave me feeling stripped. But sometimes, I feel like I'm not getting as clean as I'd like. The Foreo Luna 3 Plus ($299) changed that. It leaves my skin feeling super clean, no matter how gentle my cleanser is. Plus, it doubles as a powerful microcurrent device to help firm skin over time.

How the Foreo Luna 3 Plus works

The Foreo Luna 3 Plus is a double-sided device that connects to a phone app via Bluetooth. One side of the device is for cleansing and features soft, silicone bristles along with metal beads. The other side is for firming microcurrents and massage and features two metal beads and ridges in the silicone. For cleansing, just double-tap the button on the back of the device to launch a one-minute face-washing routine reminiscent of an electric toothbrush. It sends sonic pulses and heat to give you a relaxing and gentle yet deep clean. The default routine is broken into four sections, each 15 seconds long. Start on your forehead and nose for the first section, then one cheek, the other cheek, and finish off on your chin. In the app, you can customize your cleanse settings, changing the intensity of the pulses and the temperature for each quadrant.

For a microcurrent treatment, use the app to choose from one of five treatments, including full facial toning and forehead smoothing and lifting. Each treatment ranges from three to seven minutes and sends small electrical pulses into your skin for toning, firming, and lifting effects. Once you select a treatment, you can follow a visual guide in the app, so you know where to use the device and when. It's worth noting that microcurrent devices require a conduction medium for the electricity to work, so you'll need to properly prep your skin (the app will let you know when it's time to apply this step). You can use the Foreo Serum ($59) or any thicker, gel-like serum you like—Even spritzing your face with water or a facial spray works. Just note that a serum leads to a more comfortable experience than water, which IMO kind of hurts.

There is also a massage setting, which is totally customizable. Simply select "start massage" on the app, and you can choose the intensity of vibrations and add in microcurrent stimulation if you'd like. You can adjust the settings as you move to different parts of your face and-or neck.

What it's like using the Foreo Luna 3 Plus

I have the Foreo Luna 3 Plus for Normal Skin, but those with sensitive skin can choose the Sensitive Skin version. This multitasking device has been a game-changer in my routine. It's yet fairly small—a bit larger than my palm—making it easy to take on the go and keep up with my routine no matter where I am. The fact that it cleanses, firms, and massages is fantastic. Instead of investing in many different tools, getting just the Foreo Luna 3 Plus allows you to have one device that does it all.

Every setting this device has is impressive. I love using it with my H20+ Gel Cleanser ($28) for a satisfying yet gentle cleanse. The warming pins are such an excellent addition, and I love that they help wake me (and my skin) up when I use my Foreo first thing in the morning.

I've tried a few different microcurrent devices, and, to be honest, I didn't have high expectations for this one. The metal pins are much smaller than those on the other tools I've tested, but they still pack a punch. I was surprised at how much I felt during the microcurrent treatments. It has a nice, intense sting that lets me know it's doing its job without pain. I also love that the treatments are short and sweet.

As for the massage setting, it's great for times I just want to mindlessly treat my skin. Unlike the treatments, there is no specific path to follow—you just select the calibrations you'd like and glide the tool over your face, which is great to do while watching a movie.

At $299, the Foreo Luna 3 Plus isn't cheap, but when you consider all that you're getting, it's worth it if it's within your budget. Most microcurrent devices cost around the same amount, but they only function as microcurrent devices. With the Foreo Luna 3, you're also getting a cleansing brush.

It's safe to say that I'm in love with my Foreo. I'm headed to spend a week living in a van, and although I'm trying to be as minimalist as my maximalist heart will allow, this tool is coming with me. Experience all it has to offer by shopping the link above.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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