The Best-Selling CBD Arousal Oil That Takes You From Foreplay to Finishing in Minutes Is Now 40% off *Today Only*

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Dim the lights, spark the candles, and cue the slow jams—Foria's best-selling CBD Awaken Arousal (originally 48, now $29) oil is 40 percent off in honor of National Orgasm Day. For the uninitiated, it's basically a knee-shaking, sheet-gripping orgasm in a bottle. Just like the rest of Foria's sultry lineup of intimacy and wellness products, it's entirely plant-based and designed to enhance sexual pleasure (and overall wellness) with ingredients that are naturally good for the body and mind.

foria awaken arousal oil with cbd
Awaken Arousal Oil with CBD — $29.00

Originally $48, now $29

If you’re cool with CBD, get your hands on the original Awaken Arousal Oil, which uses all the same organic botanicals, plus CBD. There’s kava, a popular aphrodisiac, coconut oil, ginger, and cinnamon, which come together to enhance and awaken all-over pleasure. Perfect for solo sessions and partner play alike.

What is the Awaken Arousal Oil?

The Awaken Arousal Oil is a topical sex- and masturbation-enhancing oil meant to be used directly on the clitoris, inside the vagina, as well as the inner labia. It's made from a broad-spectrum CBD, which is a natural compound found in cannabis linked to a number of mental and physical health benefits, like inflammation, pain management, and anxiety. But it's not the only powerful ingredient Foria uses; the natural botanicals vary from product to product but include tried-and-true staples like organic coconut oil, kava, peppermint extract, vanilla extract, and cacao. There are no silicones, sulfates, artificial scents or flavors to irritate your sensitive bits—it's all au naturale, and all designed to take your sex life up a notch night after night.

What it feels like: Basically like an anti-anxiety medication for your clitoris, making solo and partnered play looser, more slippery, and intense. You can use it on its own or add your favorite lube if you'd like—either way, it enhances stimulation and/or penetration. W+G editors are big fans, and so are Foria shoppers.

"Never have I used a product like this before, and I was admittedly skeptical. But holy wow, this packs a punch. The orgasms I have with this oil are out of this world, like nothing I’ve experienced before. It changes the game! " one customer writes.

It's a great tool especially if you're prone to dryness or are premenopausal. "Can you be postmenopausal and feel amazing again? The answer is YES. All the Foria products are exceptional and really make a difference," one shopper says.

Other Foria favorites on sale

If you're looking for a lube-lube, we highly recommend the Intimacy Sex Oil (originally $44, now $26). It's also infused with 400mg of broad-spectrum CBD and is made from organic coconut oil. This is an even more slippery option than the Awaken oil (and you can use them both!).

foria intimacy sex oil with cbd
Intimacy Sex Oil with CBD — $26.00

Originally $44, now $26

Foria’s Sex Oil with CBD is pretty much the Goldilocks of lube: It’s not too sticky, not too oily, but is just right, and is designed to stimulate your body’s own lubricants to boot. That’s thanks to the 400 mg of broad-spectrum CBD in each bottle that absorbs through skin to stimulate natural arousal. Just note, it is an oil, so any condoms, toys, or other “sex”cessories need to be oil-safe if you want to use them together.

If you don't dabble in CBD, Foria has a just-as-devilish CBD-free option (Arousal Awaken With Botanical) that's just as powerful as the original tincture, minus any cannabidiol.

awaken arousal oil with organic botanicals
CBD-Free Awaken Arousal Oil — $24.00

Originally $40, now $24

Drizzle a few drops onto you or your partner’s clitoris and labia for a slow, sultry build-up that ends in fireworks. It’s made with eight organic botanical aphrodisiacs, including kava, a sultry herb that induces relaxation while heightening pleasure. Yes, please.

Naughty naturals are the backbone of the Arousal Awaken With Botanicals (originally $40, now $24). It's the exact same formula as the original version, with all eight organic botanical aphrodisiacs, sans any CBD. This allows anyone who can't or doesn't use CBD to get their rocks off, too. With a few drizzles over the clitoris or massaged into the inner labia, Awaken relaxes the vagina, turning you on so you can experience all the feels, before, during, and after sex or masturbation.

And a quick scroll through the reviews shows that the CBD-free tincture is just as fun as its predecessor. One user raves that it's the "best formula yet" enhancing their experience tenfold and ending in a "deep rolling release." Another says it's a "MUST-have for achieving the most mind-blowing orgasms," while another says it's even better than the original Awaken formulation and that, "My only complaint is that I run through it too quickly! I’ll have to stock up."

We suggest you do stock up during the sitewide sale, and while you're at it, explore the other goodies from the brand's Sex & Intimacy Collection, all bound to give you orgasmic results.

foria intimacy melts with cbd
Intimacy Melts — $12.00

Originally $20, now $12

These CBD-infused and capsule-sized pieces melt right onto the skin to enhance pleasure and relaxation. Don’t take our word for it. Head to the reviews where you’ll find happy customers. “These are simply amazing,” says one Foria customer. “The difference they make is a real game changer for us. These have opened up a whole new chapter to our sex life and marriage.”

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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