Newsflash: Frances Bean Cobain Now Has an Instagram and a Youtube Channel Dedicated to Food

Photo: Instagram/@spacewitchin_in_thekitchen
There are a long list of things that count as expected (even if nonetheless impressive) from Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love's only child—like being an impressive visual artist, model, and muse. However there are some things that while possible seem somewhat out-of-left-field, like starting a YouTube cooking channel and food Instagram. But last week, Frances Bean Cobain did just that, announcing on her personal Instagram: "So I made a new account @spacewitchin_in_thekitchen where I will try to upload daily cooking routines / recipes / ideas."

So far there aren't any uploads to the YouTube channel, but Cobain has posted a few double-tap-worthy recipes on her Instagram—most noteworthy an egg baked into an avocado. She's also shared recipes for a few other hearty cold-weather favorites, including hot apple cider and a modified eggs Benedict.

And with an IG handle like Space Witch, is it too much to hope that Cobain will be whipping up some dishes created specifically with witchy women's circles in mind? (Set your intentions now...)

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