This Buzzy Brand Just Launched a Celestial Highlighter We Can’t Look Away From

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When it comes to my beauty and makeup regimen, I'm about as vanilla as you can get. I prefer the natural, makeup-that-doesn't-look-like-makeup look for everyday wear. If I'm going out, maybe a dash of liquid eyeliner or a splash of lip color. Until Freck's new highlighter came across my desk, the words "hologram highlighter" would never cross my mind as something I could pull off in my beauty routine. Boy, was I wrong—this highlighter is out of this world. 

The brand spankin' new Slimelight Multi-Mineral Hologram Highlighter ($28) is Freck's latest addition in the brand's effortlessly cool product line. Akin to its name, Freck Beauty hit the beauty and wellness scene in 2017 with its one-of-a-kind faux freckle makeup that took the internet by storm. Thanks to Freck OG, the freckle-less could add achieve 3-4 months of sun-kissed, natural looking dots for just $22 a pop.

Freck Slimelight Highlighter Big Bang — $28.00

Big Bang goes on shimmery gold—and it gives the the perfect amount of metallic and shine.

Since then, the trendy beauty brand has expanded past the freckles trend with a line of clean skin-care and bold, edgy makeup that's all formulated with cruelty-free, vegan, skin-safe ingredients. Slimelight, a cosmic highlighter that looks like something straight out of an extra-terrestrial fashion show, fits seamlessly with the rest of Freck's products.

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  • Remi, Remi is the CEO and founder of clean beauty brand, Freck Beauty.

Remi, Freck Beauty's CEO and founder, explained that Slimelight all started with Freck's spacey, gold-green holographic eyeshadow shade that has since been discontinued. "Our #FreckFam on Instagram started wearing it on their cheeks, chest—wherever else as it functioned beautifully as a highlighter," Remi says. "The team and I decided to work off of our incredible Cheekslime formula and extend the slime family into Slimelight. Big Bang came first and we immediately started brainstorming the two other colors."

The three colors—Big Bang, Beam Machine, and Space Face—are truly out of this world. Squeeze just a liiittle bit of the highlighter on to the back of your hand and you'll immediately see what I mean—they're celestial, alive with the perfect amount of pigment to give your contours a heavenly glow. Like Remi said, Big Bang is a green-gold blend that shimmers brightly against all skin tones. Then there's Beam Machine, a warm, bronze pink that Remi says was inspired by a nebula. And lastly, there's Space Face, an iridescent lilac that resembles the prismatic shine of an opal.

Freck Slimelight Highlighter Beam Machine — $28.00

Beam Machine is a bronze-pink that gives cheeks a jewel-like flush.

While the hues have us starry-eyed, Slimelight's formulation is equally other-wordly. It's made with essential minerals to help "balance and energize the skin," while going on featherlight, never heavy or (despite its name) slimy. "The beauty of Slimelight is that it works super well into your existing routine," Remi says. "It doesn’t pick up any powders—that alone took over two months in the R&D process—and it’s totally buildable and lightweight."

That buildable, lightweight texture is what makes Slimelight so great for someone like me, who would never in a thousand lightyears think to dabble in holographic highlighter. While bold, it's airy enough that you can still pull off a natural look that gleans just the slightest bit of astral color in the right light.

If you're like me, I recommend squeezing a bit of pigment on the back of your hand and strategically placing a smidge of highlighter on your angles, like in the corners of your eyes, or on the edges of your collarbone.

Freck Slimelight Highlighter Space Face — $28.00

Space Face is a subtle purple highlighter Zenon, Girl of the 21st Century would approve of.

Or, you can style it like the CEO and founder herself: "I love to start with Cheekslime in Jam Sesh on my cheeks, followed by Freck OG freckles around my nose, cheeks and temples,"  Remi says. "As a finishing touch, I add Slimelight in Space Face on my cheekbones, corner of my eyes, and bow of my lips. For a more subtle look, I mix a bit of Slimelight in Beam Machine in with my foundation or Rich Bitch moisturizer and it gives me a natural-looking glow."

However you wear this brilliant highlighter, your makeup routine will soar to the moon and back. Shop Slimelight now, exclusively at Freck Beauty and Sephora.

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