These Are the 7 Best Food Storage Items You Can Shop on Amazon, According to an Organization Expert

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Growing up, I loved organizing my family fridge. Leftovers on one shelf. Veggies color-coded in their allotted drawer. Bottles of sauces and drinks lined up by size. But, living in a house of four (plus two grandparents every other month), the communal fridge would return to its usual disarray just moments after my meticulous game of Tetris and we would come home from the store with too many duplicates to fit.

More time spent at home means more time spent going to and from the fridge, and with a third of all food bought going to waste in the United States alone, one thing that we can all do to limit our own waste is commit to organizing our fridges the best way we can, so we can see and use all that we have.

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  • Shira Gill, Shira is the creative force behind Shira Gill Home. Over the past ten years, Shira has helped hundreds of clients all over the globe, and created a process and toolkit that applies to anyone, regardless of their style, space, or...

Shira Gill, home organizing expert and author of the upcoming book, Minimalista, notes that realistically, you should be organizing your fridge seasonally, "but any time things start to feel out of control, you can take fifteen minutes and do the #15minwin to refresh your fridge by wiping down shelves, ditching anything that’s past its prime, and grouping items together in broad categories." Organizing expert Rachel Rosenthal suggests setting up a system that keeps items that will expire or go bad first in a specific section of your fridge—a must eat first drawer or shelf, so "if you still have an apple left when you are loading the fridge full of new grocery items, put that apple on said shelf so you eat that first before diving into any of the new items."

Fridge organization is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also easy to achieve when you know where things should go and have the right accoutrement. According to Gill, there's a method to the fridge madness—"produce does best in the crisper drawers, condiments and beverages in the side doors, and dairy, eggs, and leftovers on the upper shelves."

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1. Stasher Silicone Reusable Food Bags, $50

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With over 16,000 five-star reviews on Amazon, this 4-bag bundle made out of pure, non-toxic, platinum silicone is the perfect answer to all of your leftover woes. The set comes in 10 different sizes, styles, and colors, and unlike traditional plastic bags, they are BPA-free and dishwasher and microwave safe.

Shop now: Stasher Silicone Reusable Food Bags, $50

2. OXO Good Grips Produce Keeper, $20

Designed to keep produce fresher longer, this box uses carbon filter traps to absorb ethylene gas and slow down aging. The 4.3 quart is great for heads of lettuce and other greens or medium sized fruits.

Shop now: OXO Good Grips Produce Keeper, $20

3. Hoan Silicone Food Huggers, $8

This set of 4 food huggers works to preserve the lifespan of a variety of fruits and vegetables from onions, to tomatoes, cucumbers, and more. Because they are stretchy, they can even be used to seal jars and containers that have lost their lids.

Shop now: Hoan Silicone Food Huggers, $8

4. Ceramic Egg Crate, $27

More than just aesthetically pleasing (it comes in both white and yellow) and eco-conscious because you can use it again and again, this ceramic egg crate holds a dozen eggs. The crate is secure and open for easy access.

Shop now: Ceramic Egg Crate, $27

5. Bormioli Hermetic Seal Glass Pitcher, $17

Another Amazon fave, this elegant glass jar has over 7,000 five-star reviews on Amazon and can be used to store and refrigerate any kind of cold bevvie. Use it to pre-prepare juices for the week or as a beautiful piece of functional, hosting decor.

Shop now: Bormioli Hermetic Seal Glass Pitcher, $17

6. Rectangular Glass Food Storage Containers, $35

Both experts swear by using glass containers to organize their own fridges. They are reusable, shatter-resistant, and so helpful to see what you have, what you need, and what's gone bad. The best part is that this set of 4 comes in all different sizes, for whatever you may need to stash away.

Shop now: Rectangular Glass Food Storage Containers, $35

7. Creative Co-Op Square Stoneware Berry Bowl, $47

In the style of the classic farmer's market berry crate, these ceramic bowls are great for any kind of produce storage that you want to have open for easy access. The set of 4 comes in 4 different colors, so they are both aesthetically-pleasing and multi-functional.

Shop now: Creative Co-Op Square Stoneware Berry Bowl, $47

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