You Just Need 25 Minutes and Two Dumbbells for This Full-Body HIIT Workout

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Here's your mission, should you choose to accept it: Roll out your mat and grab two 10-pound dumbbells for a HIIT workout you can squeeze into just 25 minutes. Okay, so this isn't Mission Impossible—it's just the most recent installment of Well+Good's Trainer of the Month Club featuring trainer Billie Robyn. Today, we're cranking out a full-body HIIT workout with weights that's fast, fun, and... actually possible.

"Right now, we're going to be going through a full-body HIIT workout," says Robyn at the kick-off of the episode. " There's going to be three circuits, and we're going to repeat each circuit two times through." Yes, you're going to hit those HIIT heart rate zones. And depending on the circuit, you'll have a little more or a little less rest so read and watch carefully to make sure you're hitting those times to check off this workout in under 30. And all of the movements are compound, meaning, they literally hit every muscle in your body. Ready, set, go.

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25-minute full-body HIIT workout with weights

Circuit 1 (repeat two times)

40 seconds on, eight seconds off

1. Squat and overhead press: Grab your dumbbells in both hands and grip them right on your shoulders. Situate your feet so they're just wider than hip's width distance. Squat down. Then straighten your legs, engaging your arms and abs to push the dumbbells straight up to the sky as you do. Keep going for 40 seconds.

2. Pop jacks: Drop the dumbbells and come to the bottom of your squat. Lower your hands to the ground and jump back into a plank position with your shoulders directly over your hips and your core engaged. Jump back into the squat position and keep it going for 40 seconds.

3. Donkey kicks with dumbbell: Come to your hands and knees and place one dumbbell in the bend of your left knee. Hold it tight. Lift the left heel toward the ceiling without dropping the dumbbell, squeezing the glute as you do. Lower your shin back down to the ground and keep going on your left side for 40 seconds. (In your second round of this move, hit the right side.)

4. Lizard jumps: Come into a lunge position with your right foot forward and both hands inside that foot. Jump your right leg back at the same time you jump your left foot forward. Continue on for 40.

5. Reverse lunge and bicep curl: Grab your weights again and come to standing with your dumbbells at your hips. Lunge your left leg back and curl both dumbbells into your chest. Lower them back down and step your left leg back to meet your right. Keep alternating sides for 40 seconds in total.

Rest for one full minute, repeat the circuit again, then move onto the next. 

Circuit 2 (repeat two times)

40 seconds on, eight seconds off

1. Deadlift and upright row: Start standing and hold both weights at your hips. Push your butt back as you bend at the waist and skate the dumbbells down along your shins. Keep your back straight the whole time. You should feel this all over your hamstrings. Return to standing, squeeze your glutes, and continue pulling your dumbbells straight up your chest. (Your elbows will point upward like wings.) Lower the dumbbells back to your hips with control and keep repeating the movement for 40 seconds.

2. Single-leg liftback and tricep kickback: Stagger your feet so that your right foot is about a foot in front of your left. Bend both knees and grab a dumbbell with your left hand. Resting your right hand on your right knee, curl the dumbbell into your left shoulder then extend it straight back. 40 seconds on the clock.

3. Squat jacks: Drop your weights and start standing. Jump your legs out, dropping into a squat and reach your left hand down to touch the ground between them. Jump back up and bring your legs together. Go again, this time dropping your right hand down to touch the ground. Keep it going for 40 seconds.

4. Glute bridge and chest press: Come down to lie on your back. Bend your legs and plant your feet on the ground. Bend your elbows and grip the dumbbells in both hands. At the same time, press your hips straight up to the sky and extend your arms up as well. Talk about full-body. You've got 40 seconds.

5. Side lunge with dumbbell: Stand up and grip just one dumbbell between both hands. Side lunge to the left, pushing your glutes straight back and doing your best to keep your left knee directly above your left ankle. Come back to center, switch sides, and alternate for 40 seconds more.

Rest for one full minute, repeat the circuit again, then move onto the next. 

Circuit 3 (repeat two times)

35 seconds on, eight seconds off

1. High plank with dumbbell pull-through: Come into plank pose with one dumbbell smack dab in between your hands. Without moving your core or hips, grab the dumbbell with your right hand and reach across your body to place it outside of your left hand. Lift up your left hand and place the dumbbell on the outside of your right hand. Keep swapping sides until you've reach the 35-second mark.

2. Inchworm and bear hop: Put the dumbbell on the side of your mat and remain in plank pose. Hop your feet forward so that they land between your hands and you're curled up into a little ball. Walk your hands all the way back and come to stand at the back of your mat. Walk back into plank pose and start again. Keep it going for 35 seconds.

3. Sit up and overhead press: Lie onto your back and bend your knees. Grip your dumbbell between your hands right above your face. Use your core to sit up, raising the dumbbell overhead as you do. Lower back down with control and continue repping out for 35 seconds.

4. Renegade Row: Alright, back to plank pose! Place one weight under each hand and alternate rowing your right then left elbow straight back behind you. You've got 35 seconds.

5. Plank Jacks: Let the weights go and hop both feet out past the edges of your mat. Bring them back to plank and keep going. 35 seconds of this and your heart will be racing.

Repeat this circuit one more time and you're done! 

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