The Astrological Reason to Listen to Your Intuition About Your Sex Drive This Week

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On Monday, November 11, the sun and Mercury join forces, highlighting the climax of Mercury retrograde. This midway moment of Mercury's retrograde puts the essence of its lesson in the spotlight, so with the week kicking off with Mercury in its inferior conjunction to the sun, hold on tight and expect deeply buried secrets to arise.

Simultaneously, the cosmos asks you to re-evaluate how you are, relating to your sex life. And, be warned: Romantic ghosts from the past may resurface. Aside from a lingering love interest or two coming back into your periphery, consider how satisfied you are with your sexual expression and your sex life at large. No matter your age or relationship status, learning about your body, especially sexually, is a lifelong journey. And thanks to Mercury's extended stay in Scorpio, due to his retrograde, it's a good time to intentionally re-evaluate your intentions needs, wants, and desires regarding arousal. Are you aware of what your body actually craves now, or are you perhaps more so operating on autopilot? When it comes to pleasure, desire, and sexual power, your needs change throughout life, and because of this, relationship dynamics often require massive recalibration from time to time, as well. Now's the time to stay open, curious, and aware of this.

Speaking of sexuality, on Tuesday, November 12, the full moon in Taurus illuminates the sky. Known as the beaver moon, this full moon occurs at 8:34 a.m., EST, at 19 degrees. Taurus, ruled by Venus, asks you to explore your embodiment, sensuality, and sexuality. At the same time, good-luck Jupiter and action-oriented Mars sextile, which you'll feel revving up your mojo. Romance-inducing Neptune in Pisces aligns well with both the sun in Scorpio and the moon in Taurus. But the challenge remains: defining what you want, and getting clear on what you are willing to do to get it. Sometimes, that's easier said than done. To help you with that, Pluto makes a rough connection to Mars. While traditionally harsh, this square pushes you to explore your shadow now.

Pro tip: Your truth usually remains in the disowned aspect of who you are. You can figure out what your disowned aspects of self are by examining what you judge and blame others for doing. If you spot it, you got it. Own your shame, and forgive yourself so you can move on.

Mercury trine Neptune this week—and it's an important one: Your intuition will come in loud and clear, since the sun perfects her sextile to Pluto.

November 13 continues to offer positive vibes and helps you to integrate the lessons of this full moon. Supporting this is the Mercury trine Neptune this week—and it's an important flow: Your intuition will come in loud and clear, since the sun perfects her sextile to Pluto. Your intuition is super-subtle and will not override the noise of your ego (pretty much ever). It speaks in low-decibel tones and requires you to listen to and trust your knowing, even though, by definition of intuition, it will be both unproven and unsubstantiated. Practice hearing the unspoken, listen to hear what's happening, and trust your gut. Take the time needed to hear your needs.

Come the 14th, Venus in Sagittarius will square Neptune in Pisces, highlighting some of the biggest lessons you learned this year, and hopefully demonstrating just how far you've come. Think back over 2019, and look for how this year groomed you. When the year started, you were learning how to swim in deeper waters, and over the year, while Jupiter and Neptune squared, you grew your capacity for depth. Now Venus comes in and squares Neptune, attuning you to lessons you learned over the last year and asking you to deepen your integration of these lessons. Pay attention, grow your understanding, and congratulate yourself. This has not been easy, but you've not only survived—you have also thrived.

Jennifer Racioppi is the creator of Lunar Logic—a philosophy that integrates the deep wisdom of both science and spirituality, and blends her expertise in astrology, positive psychology, and women’s health—to coach high-achieving female entrepreneurs to reach their next level of success. 


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