The 11 Best Sex Toys for Shaking Things Up When You’re Bored With Your Masturbation Routine

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Like anything else in life, masturbation runs the risk of simply becoming just another thing to tick off the to-do list. That's part of why sometimes, a sexy solo session just... falls flat. Or, in extreme cases, it can become straight-up boring, with your standard gizmos and gadgets losing their sparkle after long-term use. The usual aids, like ethical porn or audio erotica, can get lackluster, too. After a while, in fact, your masturbation routine may feel mundane, monotonous, and desperate for new, fun sex toys to shake up your pleasure game.

If you're stuck in a masturbation rut, though, fear not—you don't need to stay there for long. Below are 10 steamy and fun sex toys to spice things up and rekindle that spark with yourself. After all, your next sexy solo sesh (and the one after that, and the one after that, and so on, and so forth) should be anything but boring.

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11 fun sex toys to rekindle the fire of your masturbation routine

1. Give glass a try

Andy Duran, queer sex educator and education director for sexual-health marketplace Good Vibrations, previously told Well+Good that body-safe glass sex toys are made of the same stuff used to make glass kitchenware. Meaning, they can handle extreme situations.

They're also helpful for experimenting with pleasure and switching things up during a solo sesh. “Hardness, firmness, and rigidity are often adjectives used in people’s fantasy worlds,” Duran said previously. “Glass sex toys are a great way to play with those sensations and fantasies in real life."

Glas, Slimline G-Spot Glass Dildo 8" — $29.00

Crafted from durable borosilicate glass (aka, body-safe), this curved dildo features a bulbous tip that makes G-spot play simple. Dunk it in warm water to heat things up before use, or ice it down for a chilly sensation guaranteed to please.

Crystal Delights, Hello Kitty Plug — $100.00

Duran previously praised this plug for how un-intimidating it is. So, next time you’re feelin’ yourself, slip this in and explore—the flared base makes it easy to slip in and out it, while the glass surface makes cleanup easy.

2. Get wet and wild

When your masturbation habits are feeling a bit dry, it might be time to get wet—literally. Invest in a quality waterproof sex toy to bring with you in the bath or shower to switch things up. Not only is the water ultra-relaxing, but it can add a whole different sensation to even the most tried-and-true masturbation moves.

Lovehoney, Curved Silicone Suction Cup Dildo — $27.00

Steam up your shower with this suction cup dildo that attaches to the wall to stimulate G-spots and P-spots alike. The silky smooth silicone is hypoallergenic and waterproof, while the base also holds room for a bullet vibrator when you want to shake things up a bit.

tracys dog
Tracy's Dog, Pro 2 Clitoral Sucking Vibrator — $60.00

This widely beloved (seriously, read the reviews on Amazon) vibrator is one that has given what many women claim to be the most intense orgasm of their life. It simulates penetration and suction, so you get double the pleasure, in or out of the tub.

3. Add some thrust

Traditional bullet vibrators are designed to provide external stimulation. Thrusters, on the other hand, are all about internal stimulation.

As the name suggests, these vibrators imitate the thrusting motion that comes with penetration. Some only make use of forward-and-back motion, while others incorporate features like vibrations and clitoral stimulation that give you total control over orgasm exploration.

CalExotics, Shameless Slim Player Thrusting Vibrator — $176.00

Serving 815 thrusts per minute, this pretty pink toy is practically the Energizer Bunny of thrusters. Complete with a rabbit feature, it blends penetration with external clitoral stimulation for serious pleasure.

Lovehoney, Jessica Rabbit Xtra 10 Function Thrusting Rabbit Vibrator — $55.00

Look closely at this rabbit thruster, and you’ll see a cluster of steel-ball bearings in the tip. These aren’t just for decor, though; they’re actually weighted, providing extra power and force with every thrust. Kick up the ears on the external stimulator to complete the package.

4. Go hands-free

Don't be afraid to get handsy with yourself. Marla Renee Stewart, the sex expert for retailer Lovers, previously told Well+Good that using a hands-free vibrator can free up your fingers to explore other ways of turning yourself on, like holding a book to read erotica or stimulating other erogenous zones.

We-Vibe, Unite Hands Free Vibrator — $100.00

Want to dip your toes in the hands-free pool? Check out the We-Vibe’s Unite, which slides inside the vagina and up against the clitoris for double the stimulation, freeing up your fingers to explore other erogenous zones.

Dame, Eva Vibrator — $135.00

The Eva is designed to be totally hands-free. With its flexible wings and compact design, it nestles under the labia to stimulate the clitoris without getting in the way.

5. Explore other erogenous zones

Orgasms falling a little flat? It happens. To achieve that elusive "blended orgasm," start exploring other erogenous zones, like your nipples, inner thighs, and anus. If, say, you've been using a clitoral vibrator for the past three months, take it off your clit and let the vibrations rumble across your lower abdomen or the top of your breasts.

Or, switch it up completely. Consider masturbating with a butt plug or pelvic-floor exercisers to give your other zones some TLC.

Nipplettes, Vibrating Nipple Clamps — $26.00

Nipples need love, too. Next time you masturbate, clamp on one of these titillating teasers that vibrate in all the right places. The clamps are spring-loaded and can be loosened or tightened, depending on your preference.

Lovehoney, Ignite 20 Function Vibrating Butt Plug — $35.00

At $35, this silicone butt plug is an affordable, non-intimidating way to dabble in butt stuff. It’s made from silky-smooth silicone that pairs well with your favorite water-based lube. Plus, it features three speeds and 17 patterns that are sure to help you reach orgasm, whether alone or with a partner.

Iroha Plus, Kushi — $86.00

The ribbed textures on this shell-inspired vibrator feel amazing on your vagina and just about everywhere else.

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