Hailey Bieber’s Esthetician Says This Cleansing Balm Provides a ‘Fail-Safe’ Way To Wash Your Face

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Cleansing sets the stage for the rest of your routine. Properly removing makeup, sunscreen, dirt, and grime is key for getting the most out of any serums and creams you slather on next. That's why celebrity esthetician Emma Goodman is always keeping an eye out for a good cleanser. And right now, she can't stop recommending Furtuna Skin’s new Cleansing Oil Balm.

"It is a fail-safe way to thoroughly cleanse," says Goodman. "Most cleansers are stripping and especially drying during winter but not this one. This cleansing oil balm feels so good to use because it’s so hydrating, and your skin feels so soft afterward. This product is ideal for anyone, particularly skin-care minimalists, who only want one step."

The Furtuna Skin Cleansing Oil Balm ($85) is made with a rich blend of botanicals, including skin-clarifying soapwort, hydrating olive squalane, nourishing Sicilian manna, and soothing olive oil. Plus, it has eight wild-forged plants including beet, chicory, and poppy, hand-picked from the brand's farm in Sicily. By wild forging, the plants aren't uprooted, which means they're left to regenerate and grow in peace after a few leaves or petals are snipped off.

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This balm goes on like a balm and melts into an oil, something Goodman loves.

"I love biphasic products—formulations with two distinct phases—to effectively cleanse the skin especially because I wear a lot of eyeliner," says Goodman. "In terms of this product, it’s one part organic extra virgin olive oil and one part olive leaf water. The EVOO in the first phase cuts through makeup, sunscreen, and dirt and draws them out of the skin without damaging the skin barrier. The second olive leaf water phase provides another level of cleansing by rinsing away all water-soluble particles, such as unseen dirt, dead skin cells, and pollution."

To use the Furtuna Skin Cleansing Oil Balm, remove an olive-sized amount of cleanser from the jar with the provided spatula. Warm it between your fingers, then massage it over dry skin until the product fully transforms into an oil. You can remove it with your hands or a cloth. To use your hands, wet them and work water into the oil until it turns into a light milky lather, then rinse thoroughly with warm water. For a cloth, soak it in warm water and wipe away the balm using gentle circular motions. Pat the skin dry and move on to the rest of your routine.

Because cleansing balms are so good at whisking away makeup, most reserve them for nighttime use only. Goodman says this balm is a great addition to both your evening and morning skin-care routine.

"Most people understand the power of a good cleanse, but don’t do it thoroughly enough at night or skip the step altogether in the morning. I’m often asked if cleansing in the morning is really necessary and my answer is yes," says Goodman. "During the nighttime, your skin regenerates, your pores detox, and you sweat. You need to remove all that from your skin, and splashing your face with water isn’t going to do it. A morning cleanse with something like this cleansing oil balm is also a great ritual to start your day. It’s an opportunity to collect your thoughts, set the stage, and enjoy a five-minute ritual for yourself."


Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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