Is the Future of Fitness Digital?

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Training Our Eye on What Shape Workouts Will Take in The Future and The Role Fitness and Yoga Studios Will Play

Will they become "studios" in the other sense of the word: That is, places to film content that's streamed to a global audience of paying users and subscribers? And will digital content be dominated by a few large players or does the future look more fragmented with a wide variety of specialized workouts and influencers each selling their own product? Training our eye on what shape workouts will take in the future and the role fitness and yoga studios will play. 


Wednesday, November 8th, 2017
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Alexia Brue, Moderator | Co-Founder and CEO, Well+Good
Alexia guides Well+Good's company's strategic directions and leads the revenue and business development functions. Prior to founding Well+Good, Brue covered health and wellness for publications as diverse as Vogue, the New York Times, and Luxury SpaFinder and is the author of Cathedrals of the Flesh, a travel memoir about the world’s great bathing cultures. She attended Grinnell College and the Columbia School of Journalism and lives in New York City with her husband and two children.

Mary Helen Bowers | Founder, Ballet Beautiful
Mary Helen is one of the most sought after names in fitness. A former ballerina with the New York City Ballet, Mary Helen's signature Ballet Beautiful Method is inspired by ballet and designed to give anyone a dancer's toned, elongated, and powerful physique. Her role as Natalie Portman's personal trainer for her role in Black Swan helped bring ballet-inspired fitness into the forefront of pop culture.

John Foley | Co-Founder and CEO, Peloton
John Foley is the founder and CEO of Peloton. As an avid cyclist and boutique fitness addict, John leveraged his tech and business experience to create Peloton, a technology company at the nexus of fitness and media.  Prior to founding Peloton, John spent six years in manufacturing leadership with Mars Inc. He also served as a President at Barnes&Noble, CEO and Co-founder of, CEO of and an early leader of starting in 1996.

Anna Kaiser | Founder and CEO, AKT
A celebrated fitness authority and elite personal trainer with a background in professional dance and sports medicine, Anna began her career teaching ballet, body conditioning, and dance cardio at. She combined all her years of experience to create AKT, a cross-training technique that offers 360 degree lifestyle approach to fitness with a highly curated program of workouts. She has trained celebrities such as Kelly Ripa, Karlie Kloss, and Sarah Jessica Parker.

Aarti Kapoor | Investment Banker, Health, Wellness & Lifestyle, Moelis & Co
Aarti, dubbed the “Wellness Maven of Wall Street” by Well+Good, is an investment banker and a Harvard University graduate who has been named to Forbes’ “30 Under 30” and featured by outlets such as Bloomberg, NASDAQ, and Yahoo! Finance. Kapoor spearheaded the Health, Wellness, and Lifestyle platform at Moelis & Co, an initiative that secured her spot as one of the very first figures in finance to recognize the immense economic promise of the wellness space.

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