What the Women of “Game of Thrones” Would Wear to Work Out

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Game of Thrones’ popularity—and its fervent, ever-expanding fanbase—just continues to grow. (Sixteen million people watched the season premiere in mid-July, the most ever in the buzzy HBO show’s history, BTW.) Whether you've followed along from the beginning, or are just tuning in, one thing that's apparent, pretty much as soon as the opening credits stop rolling, is that the Seven Kingdoms are full of badass women slaying (sometimes literally) and serving up all types of life inspo. (Arya Stark's story arc, anyone?)

As the (far-too-short) penultimate season gets ready to wrap on August 27, I couldn't help but wonder what these characters might get up to once they bid farewell to King's Landing—and every other territory south of The Wall. Given how physically active they are on the show, it's not a stretch to fantasize about these formidable females swapping their armor for activewear. So what types of fitness fashions—and workouts—would they be into?

Scroll down to see the theoretical outfits and exercises 6 Game of Thrones leading ladies would totally rock—if they weren't busy, you know, fighting for the Iron Throne. 


Arya Stark

Fencing seems like an obvious choice for the plucky, independent, and determined younger Stark sister. But she'd also probably gladly swap her hit list for a HIIT class: She’d surely excel at high-intensity interval training. Her workout wardrobe would be as under-the radar as her assassin skills: minimalist basics and earth-tone separates.


Daenerys Targaryen

Daenerys can clearly stand the heat, so she'd feel right at home in a hot yoga classes—even in summer. But she'd likely be totally as down to pedal her way to the top of the Flywheel leaderboard, too, given her desire to win. (This is someone, after all, who once declared, “I’m not going to stop the wheel, I’m going to break the wheel.”) Style-wise, the Mother of Dragons would likely be into the all-white activewear trend. Plus, reptile prints, of course.


Cersei Lannister

Unabashedly evil and determined to get ahead at any cost, Cersei’s sweat sessions would be equally as brutal...but in the best way possible. Her wellness habitats are likely to include slow-burn, quiver-inducing, highly disciplined classes where alignment reigns supreme, i.e. Megaformer workouts. She’d also no doubt be, ahem, game to try out more daring wellness trends like microneedling or vagina-steaming. As for Cersei's activewear arsenal? Lots of ultra-luxe, slick, black separates with the occasional sexy mesh or metallic detailing.


Sansa Stark

As the eldest Stark daughter continues to build up her resolve and shed the whole “damsel in distress” vibe, she could definitely benefit from the confidence boost boxing or cage fighting can bring. And, as the Lady of Winterfell, Sansa's also a (snow)shoe in for skiing and ice skating, natch. Her athleisure M.O. is dark-hued, strong-silhouetted, and rife with tough detailing like mesh panels and leather-esque touches.



Daenerys’ handmaiden and right-hand girl is an increasingly strong character who’d probably prefer the peaceful vibe of an outdoor run for a change (perhaps supplemented by a hardcore barre class a couple times a week to keep things interesting). Her activewear preferences would tend toward sleek bodysuits and skorts, plus simple, muted separates.


Yara Greyjoy

You could expect to find the fierce sea captain taking the plunge at one of these buzzy new aquatic workouts, or maybe she'd swing some kettlebells on dry land. What would she be wearing during all these feats of fitness? Nautical-inflected activewear in straightforward shapes (duh).

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