Cannabis-Fueled Women’s Retreats Are Now Officially a Thing

Photo: Courtesy of Ganja Goddess Getaway
It’s been scientifically proven that a woo-woo vacation can make you feel a little bit high, but one new retreat series is taking that concept to a whole new—and ultra-literal—level.

This summer, Ganja Goddess Getaway will be hosting four different escapes throughout California (from Pescadero to Palm Springs) in August and September, each one designed to help women deepen their spirituality, enhance their creativity, and experience all sorts of healing. And if you couldn’t tell by the name, Mary Jane will be the guest of honor.

“The vision is to offer women a way to connect with their divine feminine and to connect to each other as sisters, and we feel that cannabis is the ideal tool to accomplish both,” says co-founder and marijuana entrepreneur Sailene Ossman. (Makes sense—it’s kind of like how ganja yoga helps some people get out of their heads and into their bodies when flowing through poses.) “We're creating a movement of sisterhood and connection through cannabis.”

“We're creating a movement of sisterhood and connection through cannabis.”

While there are other buzzy event series drumming up girl power in the male-dominated marijuana world—like Cannabis Feminist in Los Angeles and Make and Mary in Portland, OR—Ossman and her co-founder, Deidra Bagdasarian, say most of the ones offering multi-day retreats are focused on business networking. Ganja Goddess Getaways, which launched in 2016, look a bit more like summer camp, with activities like dance classes, women’s sexuality talks, “Puff, Puff, Craft” sessions, and goal-setting workshops. “We're definitely a pioneer in using cannabis as a creative and spiritual tool during a women's retreat,” says Bagdasarian, who notes recent getaways have attracted anywhere from 50–100 guests.

Tickets—which range from $120 for a day pass to $420 (of course) for an ultra-deluxe doubles option—include access to what organizers dub their "dab and smoke bar". And what if this sounds like a great time, but you’re not into getting stoned? Toking up is definitely not required, and the retreats’ creators insist that you’ll still get a lot out of the experience. “There's not just a need for events like this in cannabis, but a need for events like this everywhere,” Ossman says. “We're creating a movement of sisterhood and connection, and it strengthens and empowers each woman participating, as well as the community that surrounds her.” Bong voyage!

If you're still on the fence about booking a getaway this summer, here's why you should go on a women's retreat. Confused about why, exactly, the wellness world has been buzzing about CBD lately? This video explains the medicinal cannabis compound that won't get you high.

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