8 Astrologer-Approved Gifts for a Sagittarius, the Adventurer of the Zodiac Wheel

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As Alex Caiola, psychic, astrologer, and founder of spiritual wellness platform High Priestess of Brooklyn, puts it, Sagittarius walks through life as though it's rigged in their favor. The zodiac sign, which applies to those born between November 21 and December 21, is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of fortune and expansion, and it shows. Sagittarians are often relaxed, pleasant, and brutally (but cheerfully) honest. During this constraining pandemic-laden Sagittarius season, though, they might not feel particularly lucky. That's why getting the right gifts for a Sagittarius can be extra meaningful during their birthday season this year. And to get these experience-loving explorers something they really want, you may want to think outside the box.

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  • Alex Caiola, astrologer, tarot card reader, and founder of High Priestess of Brooklyn

You may to consider different workshops and experiences as gifts for a Sagittarius, whether that's a bartending course or a cooking class, or anything on Atlas Obscura. Otherwise, Caiola says "thoughtful luxury" is the phrase to keep in mind when considering what a Sag wants most. "What it boils down to is usability, but with an extravagant lens," she says. "They're totally cool with something that happens to be elevated." But, they do appreciate gifts that are things they can use every day.

So when searching for gifts for a Sagittarius, consider their personal passions before buying anything (and get a gift receipt just in case). Want specifics? Scroll down for more ideas that the adventurers of the zodiac wheel will love.

8 cosmically guided gifts for a Sagittarius, the zodiac's adventure-seeker

1. Fujifilm Instax Square SQ1, $120

Sagittarius often has an affinity for photography; they love having the receipts of their adventures. (My Sagittarius father documented basically every minute of our vacations, so I bet quality cameras were on his Christmas list year after year.) A cool, instant camera might suffice to capture what's going on this year.

Shop Now: Fujifilm Instax Square SQ1, $120

2. Numerology with Tantra, Ayurveda, and Astrology, $14

Sagittarius may seem like the master philosopher of their friends, but they also know just how much there is out there to learn. Moreover, they want to learn from reliable sources who have deep knowledge of the topic at hand. If your Sag friend is into spiritual disciplines—as this sign often is—they might enjoy this book by the late Harish Johari, a tantric scholar, ayurvedic expert, and astrologer.

Shop Now: Numerology with Tantra, Ayurveda, and Astrology, $14

3. Samsonite Women's Executive Leather Convertible Backpack, $107

The Sag in your life might already own an arsenal of backpacks, or they might own a collection of vintage bags from around the world—everyone has their own style! That said, it might be worth it to get them something functional and fashionable enough to be used in everyday life, and this leather stunner from Samsonite certainly fits that description.

Shop Now: Samsonite Women's Executive Leather Convertible Backpack, $107

4. Yellow Leaf Signature Hammock, $199

As Caiola points out, Sagittarius is both a fire sign and a mutable sign. That's why they direct their energy differently than Leo and Aries; while those two are fighting for the spotlight, Sag is down to go with the flow and let the spotlight come their way. These laid-back folks will appreciate a hammock to chill out in on the rare but significant occasions when they're sitting still.

Shop Now: Yellow Leaf Signature Hammock, $199

5. Try the World subscription box, $39 a month

If your beloved Sagittarius is a foodie, they're bound to love this subscription box. They'll receive seven or eight treats from around the world every month, with artisanal products from family-owned businesses. Not sure if your Sag will buy into it? You can do a one-time box for $39, or choose a more short-term subscription package.

Shop Now: Try the World subscription box, $39 a month, $35 every three months, $33 every 6 months, $29 every 12 months

6. Golde Superfood Masks Kit, $60

If a beauty-loving Sag wants to embrace their sense of chill, they'll appreciate a face mask with a fun, ritualistic aspect to it. Golde Superfood Masks makes a beautiful gel by mixing their vegan powder with water. The Papaya Bright mask also gives off a tropical aroma, transporting Sag back into their happy place...or happy place. (They probably have a top 10 list of happy places.)

Shop Now: Golde Superfood Masks Kit, $60

7. Marmot Limelight Tent, $269

Is a tent a little on-the-nose for an adventure-loving Sagittarius? Perhaps, but one way people can safely stretch their legs these day is by camping. This spacious two-person tent is camper-vetted, and it leaves plenty of room to change your clothes and snooze soundly.

Shop Now: Marmot Limelight Tent, $269

8. Dame Pillo, $95

A sex pillow is like a yoga block, but for your sex life

Finally, for the Sagittarius lover who's looking to find more adventure in the bedroom, there's Dame's Pillo. Consider it a yoga block for your sex life; it's the perfect tool to help someone nail those back-bending, spine-tingling positions.

Shop Now: Dame Pillo, $95

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