I’m a Group Fitness Instructor, and These Are the Only Leggings I Trust To Stay Put While I Teach

Photo: Courtesy of Girlfriend Collective
The toughest part about being a group fitness instructor is leading the class while keeping all of my attention on my students. While teaching, I of course have to focus on what I'm doing, ensuring I'm demonstrating proper form and explaining things well—but I'm also constantly scanning my students, making sure they're doing the moves correctly, helping them out when they need it, and ensuring no one gets hurt.

That means I don't have time to fidget with my clothes—I need leggings that stay put so I can focus on things more important than my appearance. I love the Girlfriend Collective Compression High-Rise Leggings ($78) because they're supportive, comfortable, and most importantly, don't roll down.

Most leggings feature a solid, seamless waistband that takes up the top few inches of the leggings. The Girlfriend Collective Compression High-Rise Leggings, however, feature a seam across the top that comfortably holds the leggings in place. Though it's a simple stitch, it makes a world of a difference by preventing the leggings from rolling down. I love the compression because it's supportive without being too tight. It holds me in, but I can breathe and move freely, which is so important during exercise.

Aside from being functional, the Girlfriend Collective Compression High-Rise Leggings are so cute. They come in six essential colors: black, midnight (navy), moss (dark green), plum (deep purple), moon (medium gray), and earth (warm brown). Seasonally, you'll also see the leggings in gorgeous limited-edition colors like agave (sage green), horizon (bright orange), and haze (light-medium blue). The essential colors are available in three inseam lengths,  28 1/2" (full-length), 23 3/4" (7/8-length), and 19 1/2" (capri). The limited colors are only available in full-length and 7/8. All items are available in size XXS to 6X.

The compressive tech is also available in three different styles. Shop them below.

RIB High-Rise Legging
Girlfriend Collective Rib High-Rise Legging — $88.00

Add a bit of texture to your look with these compressive ribbed leggings. The Girlfriend Collective Rib High-Rise Legging is available in five colors and in two lengths: 28 1/2″ (full-length), 23 3/4″ (7/8-length).

Compressive Pocket Legging
Girlfriend Collective Compressive Pocket Legging — $88.00

Take everything you love about the OG compressive legging and add a pocket with the Girlfriend Collective Compressive Pocket Legging. They’re available in 13 colors and in two lengths: 28 1/2″ (full-length), 23 3/4″ (7/8-length).

Girlfriend Collective High-Rise Bike Short — $48.00

The Girlfriend Collective High-Rise Bike Short is a shorter version of the compression leggings. They feature an 8.5” inseam, hitting around the mid-thigh. They’re available in nine colors.

GFC Rib Bike Short
Girlfriend Collective Rib High-Rise Bike Short — $58.00

The Girlfriend Collective Rib High-Rise Bike Short features a compressive waist, an 8.5” inseam, and is available in five colors.

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