Girlfriend Collective’s New Shorts Collection Is the Only Thing We Want to Wear This Summer

Photo: @girlfriend
Jean shorts are to summer what avocado is to, well, basically everything (i.e. they just go together). But let's be honest: they are not the most comfortable piece of clothing you own. It finally got warm enough in Los Angeles for me to throw on my denim cutoffs with a blazer (I had a meeting), sneakers, and that sparkly belt that's all over Instagram. It was a look, I was going through something, but I stand by it. The problem: as I was sitting in my favorite coffee shop, my cutoffs were giving me the most uncomfortable wedgie. How are you supposed to effectively flirt with the hot guy who works there focus on work when your denim shorts are creeping up your behind and also maybe giving you a front wedgie? I mean, you persist despite your self-inflicted hardships, but still. There has to be a better option. And I found it in the form of the Girlfriend Collective OTG collection, which is currently available for preorder.

OTG stands for "on the go;" it is an acronym I spent far too long trying to decipher, but it's a holiday week so give me a break. The collection features two jackets: the Hummingbird Half Zip Windbreaker, $118, and the Peregrine Windbreaker, $128. They are both cute and 10/10 would wear on the reg, but today our moral of the story is that comfy/cute shorts are very important—so let's talk about these Gazelle Shorts, $55. They're designed for "running marathons, running errands, and running late," which is TBH an aesthetic I feel down to my core (I mean, mostly the last one, but whatever).

Image: Girlfriend Collective

They look like the shorts you used to wear for soccer practice, but way cooler and more flattering. They have a high waist (because low-rise? I don't know her), zippered pockets so you don't lose your credit cards/ID, and a drawstring. They're made from 100 percent recycled water bottles, and they themselves are recyclable. They also come in five colors (black, midnight, cocoa, dahlia, and clay) and sizes from XXS to 6XL.

Oh, and I saved the best part for last. They have built in underwear! Think of how much less laundry you will have to do. Your jean shorts could never. (I am a big proponent of no underwear unless absolutely necessary, but even I will not wear denim sans undergarments.) I'm sold.

The collection is currently available for preorder; orders will ship within 30 days.

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