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Finally Some Good News: Girlfriend Collective Puffers and Sherpas Are Launching On Sale

Erin Bunch

Photo: Girlfriend Collective

Remember when we tried to edit our homes and closets down to just a few things that sparked joy? And then a global pandemic hit and we realized that literally, the only way to spark joy in the moment was to buy more things? Given that there’s a climate crisis playing in the background of this, you can probably guess that we’re particularly excited for the launch of the Girlfriend Collective outerwear line of puffer and sherpa coats. These two new additions to the line somehow manage to nail the 2020 trifecta of perfection: they’re sustainably made, beautiful, and available with the click of a button.

For starters, the coats are actually launching at 30 percent off, which usually does. not. happen. And because this year has been unprecedented garbage, we really deserve an unprecedented discount, IMO. In keeping with the Girlfriend Collective ethos, the eco-friendly brand is continuing to make these items from recycled plastic. Plus, the coats are actually warm, which is pretty clutch, given that we can only hang out with each other in the frigid outdoors for the foreseeable future.

Shop now: Girlfriend Collective Sherpa, $128 (before 30 percent off)

Shop now: Girlfriend Collective Sherpa, $128 (before 30 percent off)

I might also add that they’re extremely cute, which is honestly just a little bit of a bonus because really, who are you trying to impress right now? The three people in your bubble? The sherpas are short and teddy bear-cozy, but as mentioned, are somehow spun from 100 percent recycled water bottles. They come in three colorways—cream, ice (blue), and moon (grey). And they’re only $128 before the 30 percent discount, for something you’re probably going to wear literally every day for the rest of 2020 and all the cold bits of 2021.

Shop now: Girlfriend Collective Puffers, cropped $198, classic $228, long $298 (before 30 percent off)

Shop now: Girlfriend Collective Puffers, cropped $198, classic $228, long $298 (before 30 percent off)

The puffers, meanwhile, come in three different styles: cropped ($198), classic ($228), and long ($298). They’re also available in a few colorways, including black, thyme, limestone, and saddle. These pillowy wraps are actually functional, too—wind-resistant, water-repellent, and they stand up to temps as cold as 18 degrees Fahrenheit, so you’ll get through even the frostiest social distance hangs. In buying one of these recycled beauties, you’re basically atoning for all that plastic-water-bottle-drinking you did back before we realized that should not be a thing….sort of.

So look, if you need to remove something from your home in order to make space for one of these joy-sparking coats, I get it. But if you ask me, in 2020, there is no such thing as too much of anything that will bring you comfort, least of all something you can pay to snuggle you through the long pandemic winter.

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