Run, Don’t Walk: Everything at Girlfriend Collective Is on Sale This Weekend

Earlier today I was notified that there was a Girlfriend Collective sale happening, and I felt a tiny flicker in my chest that I haven't felt since I began finding caramels in my monthly prescription delivery. This feeling has been so scarce in 2020 that I briefly forgot what it was called and had to Slack a co-worker the following: "What's the word called where you feel aroused not by sex, but by, like, buying things?" Excited. That's the word.

And the reason why I am so... excited about this sale is that Girlfriend Collective is a fitness editor-loved brand that makes comfy, sustainable activewear and loungewear in a wide range of sizes (they offer sizes from XXS to 6XL). Through November 1, everything is 20 percent off. Literally everything. So to help you direct that excitement in a productive way, these are the six things to buy from the Girlfriend Collective sale.

1. Girlfriend Collective High Rise Pocket Legging, $62 (originally $78)

Girlfriend Collective Pocket Leggings
Photo: Girlfriend Collective

When I wear these I have nobody to say "thanks, they have pockets" to aside from my dog and the strangers in my virtual Peloton class (who can't see or hear me), but that doesn't stop me from saying it anyway. These are also compressive-but-comfy and super high-waisted, and they come in an array of colors like green, purple, and a limited edition color called mulberry.

Shop Now: Girlfriend Collective High Rise Pocket Legging, $62 (originally $78)

2. Girlfriend Collective Eva V-Neck Tee, $26 (originally $32)

Girlfriend Collective Tee
Photo: Girlfriend Collective

A white tee is a closet staple. It goes with practically everything in your wardrobe: Your work sweats, your "I need to take a walk or I will be crushed under the weight of all the dishes I haven't done" sweats, your "just texting, no photos or FaceTime" sexting sweats, etc.

Shop Now: Girlfriend Collective Eva V-Neck Tee, $26 (originally $32)

3. When We All Vote x Girlfriend Collective Crew Sock, $11 (originally $14)

Girlfriend Collective Socks
Photo: Girlfriend Collective

Seemingly all I do these days is be at level 8,465 on the stress scale and remind people to vote. Please vote!

Shop Now: When We All Vote x Girlfriend Collective Crew Sock, $11 (originally $14)

6. Girlfriend Collective Paloma Bra, $30 (originally $38)

Girlfriend Collective Paloma Bra
Photo: Girlfriend Collective

This is the brand's best-selling bra—it's the rare sports bra that's actually comfortable. It's supportive for medium intensity exercises such as: typing out how you feel about your crush in your Notes app and imagining what it would feel like to send it to them, knowing that you never will.

Shop Now: Girlfriend Collective Paloma Bra, $30 (originally $38)

5. Girlfriend Collective Summit Track Jacket, $78 (originally $98)

Girlfriend Collective Track Jacket
Photo: Girlfriend Collective

A track jacket is very appropriate, seeing as how I will be spending the remainder of the year running away from the credit card debt I have accumulated by pandemic stress shopping.

Shop Now: Girlfriend Collective Summit Track Jacket, $78(originally $98)

6. Girlfriend Collective Skort, $46 (originally $58)

Girlfriend Collective Skort
Photo: Girlfriend Collective

After I mysteriously got super into one-piece activewear earlier this year, I've learned to not question my sartorial choices because nothing even makes sense anyway. So I present to you my latest strange infatuation: a skort.

Shop Now: Girlfriend Collective Skort, $46.40 (originally $58)

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