Girlfriend Collective Just Launched A Workout Dress—Snag Yours Before It Sells Out

Photo: Girlfriend Collective
There are about a million reasons to love Girlfriend Collective's workout wear. It's made from recycled water bottles, come in inclusive sizing and every imaginable color, and stands up to even the sweatiest workouts. It's no wonder new launches tend to sell out within hours. And today, the brand is adding yet another reason to fall in love with it, and it comes in the form of a dress you can do just about anything in.

The Undress ($78) was created in response to consumer demand for a dress made from the Girlfriend Collective's cult-fave fabrics. In fact, it's been the brand's most-requested product ever, and the result was worth the wait. It's made from the same materials as the FLOAT sports bras and leggings, which is soft, smooth, and easy to wear. Thanks to its buttery texture and breezy A-Line fit, the dress is designed to stand up to any sort of movement you choose to do on a given day, whether that means walking to brunch where the dress is sure to garner you dozens of compliments or cycling through a sweaty set of burpees. It's got a built-in bra so you don't have to worry about your boobs moving every which way when you jump, a pair of bike shorts underneath so there will be no accidental flashes on the tennis court (or walking up the stairs), and a hidden pocket for all of your essentials.

The Girlfriend Collective Undress comes in six classic colors—black, deep grey, midnight blue, forest green, and mauve—plus two seasonal shades called "sea glass" (a periwinkle blue) and "beachwood" (a sandy beige) that are currently available for pre-order. Like all of the brand's products, sizes range from XXS to 6XL, which means everyone can enjoy the breezy comfort that comes along with wearing an Undress.

Shop the dress below, but move fast—we've got a feeling this baby is sure to sell out.

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