Kick Plastic Out of Your Kitchen With These 5 Glass Food Containers

Photo: Stocksy/Vera Lair
It's no secret that plastic isn't doing you (or the environment) any favors. Admittedly, some swaps are easier to make than others when it comes to nixing plastic from your daily routine—and in the kitchen it can be especially challenging since it's found in so many products.

By swapping your plastic food containers for (mostly) glass options, you can minimize your exposure to toxic chemicals like BPA, which is commonly used to make plastics and can migrate from containers and into your food—unappetizing, much?

According to Johanna Rochester, PhD, Senior Scientist at The Endocrine Disruption Exchange (TEDX), BPA is a chemical compound used in plastics which mimics estrogen and consequently can interfere with normal testosterone, thyroid, and insulin levels in the body.

Dr. Rochester further contends that while you may be doing your due diligence by only buying plastic containers labeled "BPA-free", that doesn't necessarily mean those picks are any safer. "In some cases, they still contain BPA," she says. "In others, they may contain chemicals that are very similar to BPA—other bisphenols such as BPS—which have been shown to have the same harmful properties as BPA. Even plastics that do not contain bisphenols can contain other chemicals that are endocrine disruptors."

So yeah, it's worth considering alternatives. Each of these picks is made with borosilicate glass, which is both shatter-resistant and thermal-shock resistant (So you can breathe easy while taking your leftovers from the fridge to the oven). Another perk to opting for glass over plastic? Since glass is non-absorbent, you won't constantly get whiffs of last week's leftovers. Plus, the lids to each of these sets are leakproof and BPA-free.

If you're sold on making the swap, keep scrolling. These five sets are a pretty great place to start.

Here's the shopping list you need to keep your palette fresh and give your kitchen staples a winter-ready makeover. Ready to whip up some recipes? Choose from any of these good for your gut picks. 

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