These Are the Wine Glasses Michelin Restaurants Use–And They’re on Sale

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There are generally two types of wine glasses most of us own: our cheap, everyday glasses that we use the most often because we don’t care if they get banged up or break. Or, our fancy wine glasses that we save for only special occasions. But let’s be honest, those just sit collecting dust for most of the year. But there is a happy medium: wine glasses that are high-end, but not so expensive that you’re afraid to actually use them.

While most hand-blown stemware can cost you upwards of $200 for a set of two glasses, we’ve found a brand that is the exact same quality for less than half the price: Glasvin.

If you have no clue what to get someone on your holiday shopping list, or if you're looking to upgrade your own for future holiday events in your home, consider these. These wine glasses from Glasvin are used in fourteen(!!!) Michelin-starred restaurants, so you know that they’re high-quality (world-renowned restaurants like Jungsik and Gabriel Kreuther use these exact same wine glasses). They're elegant enough for a fancy restaurant, yet durable for wide-scale (and restaurant kitchen) use. If you've ever worked in a restaurant before, you know how often dishes get, quite literally sometimes, thrown around because things are so fast-paced.

Below we’ve listed our favorite Glasvin wine glasses–and the cherry on top? They’re all currently marked down. Chin chin!

the universal
The Universal (2-Piece) — $79.00

Originally $85, now $79

If you don’t know where to begin, start with The Universal wine glasses; you can’t go wrong. True to its name, these glasses are all-purpose and very lightweight, so they’re perfect for every kind of wine: red, white or rosé.

The Obsession (2-Piece) — $99.00

Originally $105, now $99

The “Obsession” glasses are designed specifically for more robust wines so that they have the maximum amount of aromatic release. If you prefer a Burgundy wine or a buttery chardonnay, this is the best shaped-glass to drink from.

The Precision (2-Piece) — $79.00

Originally $85, now $79

For lighter, white wines, opt for a narrow shaped wine glass like these. The Precision glass is designed to accentuate the bright acidity and minerality in white wines, specifically.

The Champagne (2-Piece) — $79.00

Originally $85, now $79

In the mood for bubbly? These glasses are made specifically for sparkling wine. They have the traditional shape of a Champagne glass, but can be filled with any kind of effervescent wine–like Prosecco or sparkling rosé.

The Stemless (2-Piece) — $50.00

Originally $55, now $50

If you’re in the market for a set of stemless glasses that are as high-quality as stemware, this is your best bet. These are perfect for any type of beverage: wine, water, mocktail, etc. And at $50 for a set of two, they’re the most affordable pick on the list.

The Decanter — $75.00

Originally $80, now $75

A fancy decanter makes a fabulous holiday or wedding gift. This particular wine decanter is excellent because its narrow shape makes it so it doesn’t take up too much table space. To quickly aerate your wine, just gently swirl the decanter at the neck.

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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