11 Glittery Nail Polishes to Wear Until the Ball Drops

Photo: Stocksy/Sonja Lekovic
You know the drill: Once you waltz through pumpkin-spiced Thanksgiving, it's all festivities from here on out until the leaves start to grow back. As you sashay from one holiday party to the next, the best method of upping the spirit of things is through a dash of festive ornamentation to your everyday look—AKA glitter everything.

From your shimmery sneakers to sparkly leggings (why not turn spin class into a reflective light show?), everything feels more upgraded with a little extra sparkle this time of year. Of course, the most exciting way to showcase the gleam is via your manicure.

"Glittery nails are very on-trend this season," says Nadine Abramcyk, co-founder of New York and Los Angeles-based clean nail salon Tenoverten. "The light reflects off of a shimmery shade, and it's fun for the party season where your statement nails can double as a disco ball."

Whether you're into the traditional shiny hues of gold and silver, deep gemstone greens and blues, or sparkly reds and pinks, there's a glitter polish that's perfect for your New Year's Eve women's circle—or simply for holding that similarly sparkling kombucha.

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