Glossier You Is the Most Unique ‘Signature Scent’ Money Can Buy

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I fell in love with Glossier You Eau de Parfum ($60) on the corner of 67th Street and 5th Avenue in a romcom-worthy meet-cute. A woman walked by me smelling so deliciously good that I followed her for four blocks until I got close enough to ask her what fragrance she was wearing. When she told me it was Glossier, I immediately pulled out my phone and ordered a bottle for myself. That was almost four years ago, and I've been wearing it every day since.

What makes Glossier You so special is the fact that it smells totally different depending on who's wearing it. Touted as "the ultimate personal fragrance," it was designed to mix with your skin's natural oils to create a scent that is totally and uniquely you, and takes the idea of a "signature scent" to an entirely new level.

Glossier You review

I like to think of the scent as the white T-shirt of perfumes. It's the centerpiece of my fragrance wardrobe, and the one I reach for every day whether I'm feeling fancy or in the mood to dress down. It's sexy, but in a cool, casual way, and isn't at all overpowering.

The key ingredient here is musk, which works alongside woodsy ambrox and amberette to establish the perfume's base. Musk is tricky to describe because it's truly unlike any other scent, but Sue Phillips, fragrance expert and founder of Scenterprises custom perfumery, characterizes it as "distinctive, pungent, sexy, and sensual." Its odor has been compared to B.O. (but, weirdly, in a good way?), which is what gives Glossier You its intimate, personal feel. An addition of iris root and pepper top notes add a subtle spicy floral afterthought, and the combination of these elements makes it feel like you're being wrapped in a hug every time you apply.

I love the way that Glossier has chosen to describe the scent, because it perfectly encapsulates how I feel whenever I put it on. "It’s not one of those perfumes you wear to become someone else. Mostly, it smells like you: soft, warm, familiar," the brand writes on its website. "We designed it to feel open ended, like it’ll grow with you no matter where you are in your personal evolution. This is not a finished product. It needs you."

What strikes me most about the Glossier You is the fact that even after years of wear, I'm still just as in love with it as I was when I first smelled it on the woman I stalked down the street. I'm intoxicated by it every time I spritz it on my skin, and have yet to get sick of the scent (which, for what it's worth, has been the case with every other "signature scent" I've ever tried for more than a few months). Also worth mentioning? I've had multiple people stop me on the street to ask what fragrance I'm wearing, which brings me nearly as much joy as the perfume itself.

Ever wonder how perfume gets made? Check out the video below for a behind-the-scenes factory tour from one of our favorite clean fragrance brands. 

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