5 Ways to Wear This Makeup Look That’s Trending on Pinterest Right Now

Photo: Instagram/@rmsbeauty
Everyone slathers on hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, and other skin-boosters for a glazed effect on their complexions. The skin-care trend is still seemingly a contest to see how nourished you can get your skin so that it's literally, well, lit.

So it's only natural that the same look (or shall I say lewk) has also migrated to your eyelids. According to Pinterest, glossy lids are trending by an upsurge of 137 percent year-over-year, which is a pretty flashy spike.

Unlike the powdered pigments you used to apply with a brush when you were a teen (in powder blues and purples inspired by Baby Spice...just me?), glossy lids come in liquid form—often with a coconut oil or beeswax base that actually nourishes as it gives a vibrant dash of pigment to your face.

The best part? No makeup tools are required (so you don't have to worry about cleaning that eyeshadow brush). All you need is your finger to swipe on a liquid hue of your choice, and voilà: Your bold, on-trend makeup look is good to go. Wink away.

Keep reading to shop the glossy lid look for your own makeup bag.

This beauty ingredient is also trending on Pinterest right now. Another trend? Armpit masking—yes, really. 

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