This Gluten-Free Olive Oil Cake Is Filled With Inflammation-Fighting Ingredients

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This delicious, gluten-free olive oil cake is perfect for your next quarantine brunch...or snack, or really, any time.

Of all the things that were big in 2020, the "everything is cake" trend has to be the best. I think everyone can generally agree that the more cake there is in this world, the better. So we're here to give you yet another cake recipe to try in your quarantine baking adventures. In the latest episode of Alt-Baking Bootcamp, chef and nutrition coach Mia Rigden demos a nutrient-dense, gluten-free olive oil cake that proves the cake trend should persist into 2021.

According to Rigden, this is less of a birthday cake than it is, say, a brunch or afternoon tea cake, but it is cake no less. "It's got a hint of sweetness from honey, [and] lots of flavor from the lemon juice, lemon zest, and rosemary," she says. "Of course, the star ingredient is olive oil, which gives it a really nutty and complex flavor that I just love." As with everything featured on Alt-Baking Bootcamp, this cake is also gluten-free, dairy-free (though the recipe does include egg), and refined-sugar free.

Plus, practically every ingredient comes with health-promoting ingredients. Olive oil, for starters, is great for heart health and combatting inflammation. Rosemary, meanwhile, also has anti-inflammatory properties and has been linked to improved cognition and protection against diabetes. And lemons are, of course, also good for you given they're rich in Vitamin C and can even help to prevent kidney stones.

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  • Mia Rigden, chef, nutritionist, and the founder of RASA, a company specializing in individualized nutrition programs

Less glamorously but perhaps most crucial, this cake recipe also includes eggs, of which Rigden is a big fan. "We've talked a lot about the nutrition properties in eggs—all of the vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, biotin, choline—and they are incredibly bioavailable, which means that it's easy for our body to absorb," Rigden says. "So if you don't have an egg allergy, I think eggs are such a wonderful food to eat."

To see what else is involved in this recipe and get some insider alt-baking tips—so you, too, can turn even more things into cake—watch the full video.

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