3 daily affirmations to transform your attitude

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Whether you’re looking to cleanse your aura or simply wake up with a smile on your face (pre-coffee), daily affirmations provide a powerful way to start your morning.

An affirmation can be as simple as a positive sentence that provides you with encouragement. But how do you know which one is the right to choose?

“The best way to determine how to use affirmations is to consider what’s going on in your life,” explains Lauren E. Hack, a hair-color specialist and first-degree Usui Reiki practitioner who’s an expert in outer and inner radiance. “Your intuition will steer you in the right direction.”

Need help channeling workplace confidence? Looking to stay inspired on your way to your dreams? Want to stay open and positive for that daily grind? You’re in the right place.

“Positive affirmations are important because they reprogram your brain into believing the statement you are putting out into the universe,” Hack explains. “Think of your affirmation as a seed—focus on what you want and watch it grow.”

And no matter how new you are to the concept, Hack stresses that there’s no wrong or right way to go about it—you can try affirmations in the morning, or spread them out throughout the day. Here, she shares three of her favorites—so you can start on the road to mega confidence.

Scroll down for three easy affirmations guaranteed to brighten your day.

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1. To help you start your morning, positively

Begin your morning with a simple breath meditation, says Hack. Breathe in for five seconds, hold your breath for five seconds, and release for five seconds.

While doing this, repeat in your head, “I am open and ready to receive.” This is a great affirmation to state to the universe that you are prepared to seize the day, and saying it every morning will remind you to do so calmly and confidently.

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2. To help you achieve your goals

When you’re feeling down, it can be hard to see the positive. (Sound familiar?) Hack says the answer’s simple: just focus on gratitude.

“Practicing gratitude will shift your thoughts and remind you of what you have and how far you have come,” she explains. “Repeat this affirmation to yourself three times: ‘I am in the process of achieving my goals. The universe supports me and all my desires. I am grateful, I am blessed. Thank you universe.'”

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3. To channel your inner self-love

The year of self-love is upon us, according to Hack. But even with all of the confidence-boosting tools and crystals out there, an affirmation can help solidify these feelings.

Repeating this mantra first thing will give you the strength you need: “I am lovable, I am beautiful, I am blessed.” Then, take a deep breath and repeat the affirmation.

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